ingame foul language

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    • ingame foul language

      so not for the first time i hit some1's fleet, defender comes online and send me the most abusive message ive ever seen and not just one of them but 3 of them, lots of swaering at me etc etc

      so i click the report button, and guess what? nothing happens to the dude (i know he probably got a warning from a GO)

      my point is this, can i send whatever i like to some1 as long as it is all in a small time frame without getting a ban?

      just a side note, i thought ogame was a game for all ages? i would be appalled if my son played a game and got such abusive messages, and nothing happens to the dude who did it. it is just very frustrating that there are rules but not enforced
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    • Improve, while this is more a question for the game team, so I’m posting as a normal user here. I know that abusive and foul language in in game PM’s are not legal. Use to depending upon the message the person would recieve a ban (sometimes not a vmode ban which leaves the persons planets to be raided) but I haven’t seen a non vmode ban in years. I assume this is still a banable offense though. If you are really concerned you could always talk to a GO although due to DPA they would not be able to tell you anything about the other person.
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    • yeah its exactly what GO's say, DPA stops them telling me what they have done to the offender, it just seems the rules are bent, maybe they need to be updated to allow "ingame warning" for ANY abusive language. and when i say abusive this was really bad towards me, i thought it would be a ban but after a week there is nothing happened to the offender, just damn annoying
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    • i am givving a reply here as an user.
      clittle from what i remember is that the ban without vmode no longer exists,because in the past some go's abused it not necesarly in this comunity but, it has and because of that it has been abandoned.but i may be wrong and it may still exist not sure if they bringed it back.
      And now to reply to the first question from what i have seen during my time as a player,sometimes depending on the cursing and on the go dealing with it the punishment would differ,because some people aproach things diff,for example if i say the f word to you it might not be so offensive but to clitle would be more offensive(again this was just an example to portray thing's) and same thing happens with the go's it's just a matter of how they percieve it.Also for the same thing it could happen that you would get banned for the f word for a day or you could get no ban and just a warning by diff go as they will percieve it diff.
      Again that is my perspective as a gamer it may be that i am wrong,but based on how i reported players in the past(as i got quite a few myself) and based on the diff type of people proccesing those cursing's and sometime's the same cursing's i have noticed that.
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    • we had similar situation very recently. torrents of abuse from a particular player. we accept that players are not happy when they get hit, but there are some comments which are totally unacceptable.

      this player was reported, and a few days later he was banned for a couple of days. so that was fair enough from our point of view.

      however, the ban did little to change his behaviour. some months later we crossed paths again and it was more of the same from him.

      we didn't bother with the report button this time.

      the revenge hit is posted.

      750 M profit is a whole lot more satisfying then a two day ban :fatgreengrin:
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    • You aren't going to stop people from behaving like children. Ogame is a game intended for all ages 13 and up, as a result there may be some permissible profane terms (ie: hell, bastard, cholo). Of course, the nature and usage of terms in a derogative sense or in use of disparagement is explicit abuse; as any aware adult would tell you, ignorance does not hold up in a court of law. If I call another player a bastard in offensive context, it should be punishable; whereas if I refer to myself as a bastard, it should be negligible.

      This is known as a perspective of context, and how the context appears to you may not strike somebody else the same way. As a result, the rules are skewed in such cases and it does leave a lot to the mod's discretion. In terms of knowing whether or not a player is or has been punished, the GOs and SGOs are probably forbidden from sharing such information directly. There used to be a pillory which showed the most recently banned players (I am not sure if this still exists).

      Just remember, if you've done your part in reporting the offender, assume the GOs and SGOs did their part to reprimand the offender. Maintain documentation of the offenses, and should they be repeated, escalate your case until it is properly resolved.

      Friendly reminder: Don't be so quick to rip on volunteer staff, you're probably not their first report of the day.

      Trouble wrote:

      Sounds like an expert clicker to me :D

      Doc Brown wrote:

      I have read several of your posts elsewhere over a number of years. I find your mental state to be disturbing and you probably need professional help.
      What you write in the spam section doesn't have much impact on the game as a whole ... But I don't like to see you attempting to influence normal players in universe 1.
    • im sure the game team would deal with it as soon as they can, if you think you need a more detailed report of your problem you can always send a ticket for a go to check, you can do it in the support page:


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    • You can directly report the message buy clicking on the caution triangle in the top right corner of their message to you.
      you will be prompted to see if you really want to report the message as well.

      that i have had to do a few times as a player over the years.
    • It is a pity that GF don't put as much effort into "Duty of Care" to their customers as they do in hiding behind Data Protection. You have only to read certain combat threads to see certain players get away with murder so it is not surprising that people follow the example in messages in game.
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    • Some of the harsh and insulting language players get in game or here on the boards can be attributed to players not being taught how to play properly because of some players just wanting victims in game so some players have no sense of game play or how to respond in the appropriate manor to an attack being crashed or to request an attacker kindly recall their attack.
      and this can boil over onto the boards but in some cases some folks are just not to agreeable with others and act mischievous and or insulting. but that is just my opinion and nothing more.
      And it does disconsert me to see our fellow players behave badly. after all we are each here to have fun and a good time. with out undue stress or so on.

      So we all need to try and get along better with each other and instead of responding in kind with like minded comments be nice dont let them see you get upset or bothered no matter how hard they try to get you to react badly. each of us has to set an example. as to whats acceptable it is our collective responsibility to our community here.
      I know easier said than done but we can do it if we work together to make it happen. as a community. nothing is ever perfect how ever we can work to make things better for each other and future players and users. we all have our parts to play from the Teams to all of our fellow players. and we can do this of that I have no doubts .

      and I do understand we have all had our moments of misbehaving or a large percentage so. we all need to have our hands in correcting it. not for me not for your self but for the other players and users.