New Alliance "Taurus Elite"

    • Alliance Introduction

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    • New Alliance "Taurus Elite"

      The founder of our previous alliance "Arcadia" no longer plays anymore so have created a new alliance

      All applications will be considered but am ideally after rank 250+ with experience, and not players who get hit often/farmed (even though I doubt that happens to many considering this uni is pretty much dead now)

      Want to keep this uni alive in the hopes that we get a merge in the future

      Can contact me in game or just feel free to apply, all applications will be voted on by the alliance then a decision made within 24 hours

      Thanks for reading this post :D
      High ranked miner, been playing way too long.
      Also have a Youtube channel with the same name (MCW UK), and I buy deut at 2.4/1.4/1