Unkle Doo's DEU Supply

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    • Unkle Doo's DEU Supply

      Dont't let yall's fleets run flat on gas swing by UNCLE DOO'S DEU SUPPLY.
      Specializing in the production of top quality deuterium in quantities to keep those nasty fleets pounding away.
      All proceeds go to furthering our infrastructure to match Yildun's Demands.

      Current production facilities in Galaxies 1, 2, & 3 but we are looking to expand.

      If you need the Deu Uncle Doo's got you.

      So stop on by get yourself the redoo and burn that deu.

      Uncle Doo appreciates your patronage

      Currently producing 1.2mil Deu a Day and rising
      Nickname Buymydeut

      Uncle Doo has awful hobbies that involve risk of avalanche, hypothermia, falling, possibly rendering uncle doo incapable of communication (i.e. dead), or out of internet or electrical serviced areas (backcountry).

      I made this spam because its not direct or to the point, and didn't seem like it belonged in ress-trade :thumbsup: