Yildun ACC trade fleeter for miner

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  • Yildun ACC trade fleeter for miner

    Due to Yildun consuming an INSANE amount of time im looking to trade my acc for a decent mining acc.

    My acc is set out to be a fleeter, with 7 planets, 7 moons

    1:169:9Helion Prime (Gated)
    1:266:11Sol Lucia
    1:377:11Crematoria (Gated)(lvl 6 lanx)
    1:482:11Aquila Major (Gated)
    2:273:10Chasyx Azere
    3:295:10Cassinia Majora (Gated)

    cold planets for extra deut production.
    This setup allows for a complete blanket lanx over g1 with lvl 7 @ 8 lanxes, and also at current allows for max attack time on any location in the universe of 22 min ( as x gal is aprox 180 systems)
    this acc was rank 130 but dropped to 300 when i got crashed. HOWEVER mines are 24 22 20 and with x7 eco and 70k deut to use the merch, you can build yourself a fleet, in the ratio you want, worth around 100m in under 7 days.

    There is just over 70k dm on the acc

    I am looking for a mining acc, with a decent amount of def and ideally clustered out in g3 or g4 somewhere (relatively) quiet.
    PM me with offers, thanks

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    What ever you decide to do, make sure it leads you to happy timez. :thumbup: