Changes in the Board Rules

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    • Changes in the Board Rules

      Dear Users,

      today we updated the Board Rules. The following things are what changed:

      Board Rules wrote:

      - The Forum language is English. No other Language is to be used Signatures, Avatars or Songs/Videos. If you create a post in a different language, please provide a translation to English, for example one with
      You are now allowed to post in a another language, as long as you provide a translation. This excludes Signatures, Avatars and Songs/Videos that get posted, here you still need to use English. The Entertainment and Tech section is excluded from the Songs/Videos part. There the Songs/Videos can still be in non English languages.

      Board Rules wrote:

      Content, links, user Names etc. with the only aim to flame and insult other participants of the community.
      Prior to the rule change this rule forbid all trolling and cheating accusations. Now you are allowed to troll/poke and accuse other people of cheating to a certain degree. If you are going overboard with it, you will still get warned.

      Board Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief