Ex Top 10 - [TOT: 764.400.000] Vacation Mode [AzraelS] & kryton [AzraelS] vs. King of Putar (A: 9.697.000, D: 754.703.000)

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  • Ex Top 10 - [TOT: 764.400.000] Vacation Mode [AzraelS] & kryton [AzraelS] vs. King of Putar (A: 9.697.000, D: 754.703.000)

    Gather round, gather round, one and all.
    I got bored and managed to face :censored: someone.
    So, because you know you want it, a little on the back end.

    TL, DR - just look up the word "donkey punch"

    Everyone knows Putar I am sure. Been around since the beginning. Never really done much. Has a TREMENDOUS mouth. (think that ban a week or so ago was most likely because of that) Has become a bit of a punching bag as it were. ( if you don't count the fleeters, and I do not, now number one in points destroyed in the uni, grats def :thumbsup: )
    We went back and forth a bit in the first few months. I'd make a run at him, he'd run his mouth. Def is extremely rude. I don't much care for this. At some point, he even managed to sat bash me, but didn't recover the df. 2kk is a pretty trashy hit in my book anyways. I came close a few times solo. He gets to big, I can't rec, got close a few times ACS. Never could pull it off. :(
    I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad to see him crashed the first time. I even passed unknowingly on being in on the second time he got popped. Sad faces all around. :( :( :( Some point down the line I miss again and he runs his mouth.
    The next 24 hours I leveled his defense and cleared 50kk from smacking all of his planets, no df, just planet takes. Even farmed him for a day.
    He has never messaged since. :rofl:

    Present, don't even know how many times he has been crashed, maybe once more, maybe not. He splits his fleet up and res save and then stops spending. He hits 500kk res, can't even cargo all that. Then... he put it all together.
    I'M SO BORED!!! :headbanging: :headbanging: :headbanging:
    I know this dude like the back of your mom's head. :thumbup: I fired the colony ship.
    Made a mention to K. I mean, I don't need help by any stretch of the imagination, except that mad :censored: stack of res. Dude is immediately, oh well I'll be up in a few hours and recall. What time you expect? (called that pretty close too, just saying)
    Big ups to Shibby Shib for popping that moon, SpyVsSpy. He needed a new moon too so that worked out well.
    Bada bing bada boom, jg zoom zoom zoom.
    Fired the MDs... and sat... and sat... and sat........ :Vomit:
    Chugga chugga choo choo mother

    5 RIPS, 16.7% chance, POP! NO LOSS! No need for the other waves. :bday:

    There it is! Happy dance! :freakout:

    Tried to nap, to no avail. Ain't no sleep for the wicked.

    Lined it up, 2 s after he landed, we hit. Follow 1 and 2, 1s later, 1s later. Immediate rec. Executed to PERFECTION. Quick and clean and the profits were just amaz-balls. He was of course on a few hours after pop and a few hours before hit so he got to watch the whole thing. Managed to burn 150kk almost from the follows. So no crys, but oh my that deut though.

    This was a long time coming. Sad it took this long. WAY more fun though, had a super fantastic good time.
    Ded to my boys in AzraelS :beer:
    Spy, thanks for the moon. I said, oh sh.., I need a moon. He said, where. :beer:
    K, thanks for flying. Couldn't leave that much behind. Needed to be in our shipyards. Pleasure to fly again. :beer:
    :sniper: Top 10

    Special ded to the King of Putar

    On 19-03-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker Vacation Mode [AzraelS] :hail:

    Light Fighter 1
    Large Cargo 8.978
    Cruiser 20.235
    Battleship 7.168
    Bomber 200
    Destroyer 2.000
    Battlecruiser 14.600

    Attacker kryton [AzraelS] :hail:

    Large Cargo 4.000
    Bomber 1.000
    Destroyer 1.000
    Battleship 5.000
    Battlecruiser 5.200

    Defender King of Putar :missilelauncher:

    Small Cargo 935
    Large Cargo 22.300
    Light Fighter 61.000
    Cruiser 7.589
    Battleship 4
    Colony Ship 4
    Recycler 818
    Espionage Probe 72
    Bomber 19
    Solar Satellite 260
    Destroyer 12
    Rocket Launcher 88
    Light Laser 15
    Small Shield Dome 1

    After the battle ...

    Attacker Vacation Mode [AzraelS] :crazy:

    Light Fighter 1 ( -0 )
    Large Cargo 8.427 ( -551 )
    Cruiser 20.206 ( -29 )
    Battleship 7.167 ( -1 )
    Bomber 200 ( -0 )
    Destroyer 2.000 ( -0 )
    Battlecruiser 14.600 ( -0 )

    Attacker kryton [AzraelS] :w00t:

    Large Cargo 3.818 ( -182 )
    Bomber 1.000 ( -0 )
    Destroyer 1.000 ( -0 )
    Battleship 5.000 ( -0 )
    Battlecruiser 5.200 ( -0 )

    Defender King of Putar :dead:


    The attacker has won the battle!
    The attacker captured:
    218.289.722 Metal, 35.039.800 Crystal and 40.602.615 Deuterium
    56.494.861 Metal, 0 Crystal and 20.301.308 Deuterium
    28.247.430 Metal, 0 Crystal and 10.150.654 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 9.697.000 units.
    The defender lost a total of 754.703.000 units.
    Total damage defender including follow-ups: 754.937.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 242.771.500 metal and 130.562.000 crystal.
    The attacker captured a total of 409.126.390 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.
    The enormous amounts of free metal and crystal drew together.
    A moon was formed around the planet with a diameter of 8.544 km.


    Debris harvested by the attacker(s):
    242.771.500 Metal and 130.568.500 Crystal

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 540.780.513
    Crystal: 160.992.300
    Deuterium: 70.996.577
    The attacker(s) made a profit of 772.769.390 units. :zpopcorn: :zpopcorn: :zpopcorn:

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -783.976.513
    Crystal: -291.583.300
    Deuterium: -88.503.577
    The defender(s) lost a total of units. :Vomit: :Vomit: :Vomit:

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    I'll give you this def, all this time, you are still going at it. Respect

    Veni, Vidi, Vici, I Trolled, I Banned
    Don't get Marshmello'd!
  • Amazing profits there, great job.
    Just one thing to clarify, doesn't make much difference, but got to tell it :)
    This is not King of Putar that started on this acc, that guy gaved acc to someone else who exited NoEmo alliance immidiatelly and never changed a nick, some time ago
    Enjoy your profits attackers,
    FR def.
  • Nice hit guys! Huge profits Enjoy! FR defender you have taken a salty defeat :golly:
    "I will MD with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to raid and crash my brothers, and you will know my name is Mafaka when i send my recy upon thee"