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    • Current state of Spica

      Let's have a discussion, shall we?

      We all are aware what is happening to this server. We have two guys, julia/xiao and skylove, ruining for the rest of the players. We all have seen them in action. Things like 'real' deut traders and newbie account attacking higher ranked players just to annoy them. Now ofcourse we have the state of "You sell us deut at 2:1:1 or we bash you till you quit". Im fine with an attack now and then, but as we all have seen, we aren't just farms. Every night we all get sat bashed, cargo slapped or whatever with huge amounts of ships for little profit. Where is the fun in that? This is straight up bullying.

      Now ofcourse, most of the 'real' deut traders have been dealt with. But I'm flabergasted by how easy that trick works. They have done it with multiple accounts and got away with it over and over and over again. Getting attacked by a newbie account by a SC at 10% over and over and over again, multiple times, and still nothing has changed. How long can this go on? Is this server really going down with just 2 guys that can do whatever they want, when they want, breaking rules left and right and still be able to play? I now we arent allowed to accuse players for this kind of stuff, but this is getting ridiculous. An entire server is dying because players are getting sick of this abuse.

      So, since we cant destroy them ourselves (since they are pretty much to big to fall), we can only poke them most likely. So what do you want? Should we just quit? Let Spica rot and be played by 2 guys and their 'real' deut traders?
    • That's the stage of quite a few Uni's now a days - you have the "top dogs" climb ranks fast (fair play and some decent skills are not a requirement). "Tactics" such as: dummy accounts used to sell cheap deut, deep space hits, dummy accounts who get smashed, rebuild and get smashed over and over again and so on - we've seen it all. A key to "success" seems to be lots of free time, some nice amount of DM, a few devices and VPN - ok I'll stop here. Not everyone does it ofc, but it exist! After some time you have a huge difference in points between the top dogs and the underdog, and realistically the underdogs can only hope that the top dogs turn against each other so instead of dealing with let's say 5 we'd be dealing with 2.
      The military points in Spica from rank 1 to 10.It gets worse as you scroll down.
      People who chose the miner play style can pick from: selling deut at 2:1:1, be attacked for sats and overnight production until they agree to sell to the same people doing the attacking, or buy some time by turtling and switch to fusion. It's a war game we get it, no one is whining cause they got hit if they left their fleet unattended or being hit if they were profitable. It's just the way top dogs telling us we can share a play ground only if we play by their rules - fuel at 2:1:1
      We're doomed if we sell and we're doomed if we don't sell. By selling to them at 2:1:1 we're just doing them a favor under the false promise of safety they offer. Once the sales, stop the bashing continues. If we don't sell well...
      So to be a top fleeter these days, you need to race to the top spot early on in the game, invest a hefty sum of DM, get creative about how you can circumvent every rule there is, surround yourself with little helpers and once you pump that fleet numbers up, you just pick a miner's ally, extort the deut from them & continue to pump the fleet size.Then proclaim yourself a God. Skilled hits are not needed, the damn Spica CR section is dusty.
      Just a miner's rant, peace!
    • I just wonder how the rules havent been updated to prevent VPN cheating. If the players can see VPN and dummy account usage, why cant they? Like Revenger Noob said in his CR report, its not hard to find the dummy accounts. If we can do it, surely Gameforge can do it as well.
    • Can you see VPN usage without a doubt? No. However, strange account behavious is easy to see, especially when its done over and over and over again. An account suddenly out of the blue, comes out of v mode, gets crashed and starts trading deut at 2:1:1? Multiple times? Come on, even a blind guy can see what is happening there.
    • Why do you say it than if you're not sure? Why pretend you have some great knowledge if you don't have it? How can I trust in any of your points now when you just showed that you think that your opinion = fact.

      I'm assuming same response is for a question how do you know that they are trading at 2 1 1 to julia/skylove and every other point in your post.
      Just a boy playing some dotes.
    • The board is a place where we can share opinions and last time I checked we were allowed to have one. Some of us have been in Spica since day one and have some insight of what's going on "behind the curtains". Some "dirty tricks" used to bypass the rules have been around for years. Not everyone does it, but is it done - of course it is. Since it's not allowed to make cheating accusations on the boards, everything I personally suspect is reported to a GO - we can only do so much. But let's be real here - w/o mentioning names I'll just say that I myself was in the same alliance with a player who was operating 5 accounts - talking about dedication here! So can it be done, ofc it can! And since some people know how to play it smart chances of the cheating being proven are slim. But that's besides the point, cheaters are inevitable part of almost any game, for some people that's the way to go. Accounts run with the purpose of pumping out deut, placed strategically on cold slots are nothing new, you have them in every uni, often placed in system or near the top dog. You try and farm it - you get messaged (or visited) by the top dog to back off. As for the trade rates to think that the said accounts get anything more than 2:1:1 is funny, when even us "plain mortals" are offered that or zero if the top dog gets the deut by themselves.
      The way I see this thread, it serves more as a place for us concerned by these "events" to exchange opinions on what can be done to still enjoy the game without having to submit to a deut hungry duo who got too big, that they can simply extort it, or force people into vacation mode or quitting. The easy way out is to give in & agree to sell them...Hate to think that it's the only option left if you wish to stay out of vacation mode or get bored by rebuilding defense and sats every day. Spica has 350 active players, which is not that sad in comparison to other unis but with the way things are rolling out it's slowly becoming unplayable. There are still quite a few players who are keeping their head above the water, so can we make some changes and balance things out...who knows, who knows.