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      Arcane boi
      Missed P.E.R.I.O.D.S ?

      Let me know if you want to start Shit talkin ^^ none of us will get warning here ;)

      UNI 40 >>> Top 10s >> Many :D
      Uni Mizar >>> Top 10s >> 6
      Uni Nekkar >>> Top 10s >> 14
      Uni Vega >>> Top 10s >> 6
      Uni 1 >>>> Top 10s >> 2

      Advanced hits never counted
      HOFS 1000 + :D So i stopped counting
      Over All Top 10s >>> 50+

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      Dearest Carbon,

      Thanks for your input. I'm not sure if you know about the difference between boys and girls but I'm happy to explain if your education is lacking.

      Boys (the ones with the dangley bits) don't have periods. Girls (the ones that don't like you) have periods. I'm a boy last time I checked, although my wife (no dangley bits) doesn't like checking often she can verify if you like.

      Also, as I'm not a rapper or a gangster, I don't 'chat shit'. What I do is have banter in clever or colloquially phrased ways.

      ball seems to understand this, and with his Jamaican accent (unconfirmed but assumed real... Much life Bigfoot) we have some sort of relationship, but I think he doesn't know I won't leave my wife for him.

      Maybe sarcasm and inneudo hasn't made it to your hometown yet 'boi'.

      [Muppets] - Vega
      BIGGEST x2 hit in .org
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      all good

      but you are borrowing someone else's material. and even he over-used it. that's one of the downfalls of comedic writing. never tell somebody else's joke unless you're facing a completely new audience.

      but don't worry, i'll let it go this time :D
      TOP 1 (solo) x 2 (ACS) x 1
      TOP 10 (solo) x 3 (ACS) x 9
      Super Adv x 46
      Adv x 261
      Basic x 1632

      RIP KILLS 5745

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      Lmao @Req

      I wasn't making any point back on page 7, other than stating exactly how the situation stands. I also love your quip about "brain-numbing," because my posts carry more heft than your delly fingers. You and every other person that can't read anything more than 140-characters, go trip on some poorly written Huff Post articles.

      Don't like the contrast of hypocrisy, then don't read my posts. ;)

      Ultimately, these are just lines thrown out by some basic-trolls.

      I'm off to gather news. Later

      Trouble wrote:

      Sounds like an expert clicker to me :D

      Doc Brown wrote:

      I have read several of your posts elsewhere over a number of years. I find your mental state to be disturbing and you probably need professional help.
      What you write in the spam section doesn't have much impact on the game as a whole ... But I don't like to see you attempting to influence normal players in universe 1.