Origin alliance page contest

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    • Origin alliance page contest

      Dear players,

      OGame Origin invites you to submit your ally page, regardless of the community you are playing.

      Users will vote for the best one.

      Winners will receive : 1st prize : 10 Euro coupon, 2nd prize & 3rd prize: 3 Euro coupon


      Contest is valid only if at least 10 pages are submitted, if not enough entries are submitted the contest will be canceled. Each participant can submit a single entry.
      Ally page content must be decent ( no sex , no discrimination, no hate). The ally page can be in any language ( English translation of relevant text is advisable but not mandatory).

      Contest starts today and submissions are accepted until April 23rd, 00:00 hours ( posting time)

      Voting starts April 24th at 01:00 am and ends on May 05th at 00:00 hours ( board time)

      Winners will receive their prizes via PM on the Origin board.

      Discussion here: Discussion : Best Alliance page - OGame wide Contest

      Contest submissions here : Entries for the Best alliance page - OGame wide contest

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