A moment of silence for Bert0

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    • I'm accused of being too much online and enormous quantity of logins.so GO thinks l am scripting.
      But bot cant do enormous quantity of logins,bot never do log out.

      I will explain to you in the following way.

      I wrote that ;

      l am not like another players.lf l played like another players,l couldnt be rank 1.

      you should compare me with other bot users.

      I have noted of inactive players the coordinates at around 3,300,
      I attack with my cellphone days.l always use different 3 computer and 2cellphone.u can look my IP and MAC address.IP and MAC is constant.dont use VPN.bot cant do that.I spend a lot of time and energy on this game.l have never use bot and program never and l wont do that.l dont need that.
      I usually attack inactive players in the morning 07:00 or 08:00 between 15:00 o'clock,l usually try to follow others players'movements 15:00 between 22:00.I made small battles sometimes that times.and l usually try to find big hunting 22:00 between 07:00 or 08:00.when l was collecting res. on planets l nap.
      lf l couldnt find hunting l was napping.

      I am able to sleep intermittently for 4 5 6 hours when l was attacking inactive players , collecting res. from on planets,l was motionless.

      l have 1 off day a week.
      that day is change according to the intensity of the hotel.
      I sleep nonstop once a week.lf l were using bot l would keep open bot that days.u are wrong sir l am not bot user or programmer.I was never such a person,l wont be.and 'probing planets for inactive players' bot or program is not probing inactive players just send cargos.u can see other bot users' movement.

      BenTheMiner wrote:

      ''I have been wondering why you can grow your account so fast, so much so that I could only suspect that you must be cheating.''
      How did l grow so fast ? I answer to this;

      1 l didnt grow so fast.lt was slowly
      2 l made so much battles and profit of res. spend for eco.
      3 l raise up when l hit someone
      4 l have 12B destroy military points.that is almost 8B res.
      5 l follow other players and knew what they do.
      6 ect...
    • I am glad you pointed that out bert0. Again this doesn’t explain why the GO asked why you played NON stop for a week...you said you can sleep 4-5-6 hours and that is believable. But I believe the GO pointed out that you literally played non stop for a week. Beert say what you want and try to justify what you want. Any smart player knows it’s a bot man. I watch you all the time and it never mattered if it was 2 am 4 pm or whatever time you want to choose. You ALWAYS have activity somewhere.

      Btw bert0 for the record MPD defense favors in as well which does not go to DF. So 12 billion does to equal 8 billion DF
    • dark1806 wrote:

      I think bertozan is not a scripter, maybe he just play to much if he has to monitor those cameras ,or what he have there, all day....but if he is truly 24/7 active..that's strange and may imply some cheating :) i mean a man need sleep some times...or maybe his boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/lover/etc play his account while he sleeps
      if what your suggesting is true about another play then we know that also is against the rules of the game as one account can only have 1 player....
    • ahahhaha , excuses keeps comming! I hope you still banned tho :D
      But not only you, Beetlejuice aka Klaus account should be also banned a lot of pushes he have done in the past

      So just stay quiet and go back to your work station doing real work , not only you keep doing nothing ur no lifer lol
    • Bet, just admit you got found out. Ogame players just want a fair game, and if you take their fleet legit, they say GG. However, when you take someones fleet using a program it really annoys people. I know for a fact you bot... one attack you tried on me proves it.

      Anyway, Ogame need to react quicker to people using bots. They need to trigger something Clash of Clans did. If a player has over x amount of time online they force the payer off for x amount of time. This is needed on Ogame, and tough if you fleet is taken! If you are on all day, you are clearly breaking a rule.. sharing account or using bots etc

      Hope you do come back Bert, but play raif, and you should have half you points taken away.
    • This kinda shit is why they shouldn't have removed the pillory. Now cheaters can hide and claim they are innocent--then swap to a new account in the uni and start all over.

      I honestly don't care if he's botting or not. It isn't hard to devote a lot of time to this game, nor is it hard to hard code a login bot or activity spam. In fact, one of my friends who played ogame with me when I started in uni 28 in 2007 coded an RSS/activity/attack alert bot, went to top 20 in like 2-3 days and got immediately banned lol...he never played again, but I tell this story to show how stupidly easy it is to bend the rules of this game. Botting isn't even the thing I have a problem with--my problem is with idiots like Nik$ getting given accounts to begin with...it's not hard to maintain rank when your account already has 10x or 100x on most accounts in the universe--and when that one gets smashed because you're a noob with a lot of online time, you just swap to another and repeat. So of course people will accuse you of botting--I honestly believe you, I've seen some of the best to ever play the game in some of the universes I've played over the years and trust me when I say that Nik$/Bert is a noob by comparison.

      I'm just pissed that you declared war on us, tried to head hunt two of my members (one of which never returned), then immediately got banned for a reason that won't ever be divulged to us. This is why we need the pillory. The war should have ended the moment you got banned IMO, but I don't get to decide when/if people want to war against my alliance.

      But to be honest, I've given up on hoping that they improve this game, at this rate I just hope they don't screw it up anymore than they already have since 2010.
      "We are a way for the cosmos to know itself"
      --Carl Sagan
      Void Alliance

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    • @vormov the reason has been revealed...there’s only 1 2 week ban first offense and that’s scripting...aka botting...Bert was banned for botting and being on 24/7. He will continuously deny that he doesn’t script of course or buy accounts when both have been proven. But hey just wait for his response. He always has some dumbass excuse that he doesn’t cheat.
    • I totally agree with Phoenyx on every single point that he has raised. There's not a player in the game outside of Rasgele that have not had suspicions about Bertozan being a MASSIVE SCRIPTER OR BOT USER. He has launched on me several times in such quick succession, which would be impossible for a human to input the amount and various ships to do so so fast. I have even messaged him after he has probed me and yet still the launches appear. I'm a firm believer that any Script or Bot use should result in a permanent ban. This game would be fantastic if there were only a human element involved. Unfortunately this is not the case, the Go's need to realise that they lose so many players within Ogame because their actions are not harsh enough for the Crimes committed within game.
    • hahahahhahahahah l send rec. your debris before attack @Lion El Jonson how can l attack u fast ? because l know your all fleets.bot cant send rec for debris,cant make sim,cant send plunder waves,cant recall,cant speak.tell me how did u speak with bot ?

      what kind of bullshit is this ? l cant share here GO's message.They hasnt proof about scripting they can just say so much being online they cant show me proof about bot.

      and also @Phoenyx is better than me for pushing.you can ask him about how make pushing.
      @HT-Death is best bot users u can ask him about how does bot work ? because l attacked 3times when he was offline.but his fleet escaped to me 3times same time (03:50).his fleet was 1.149.Moon and other battle ships 3.100.moon.l attacked 5K cru when he was attacking inactive players.he could jump front on me to 3.100 but he didnt do that he send deployment fleets to planet %10.and l attacked his that planets and he escaped to moon %10 again :biggrin: how can guys explain that ? l have never been bot user.l know you are looking for someone to blame about yours incompetence.If u dont spend time game and make battles u cant rise.I know your coordinates by heart.I note the yours fleet movements.u can say everything about me.l will keep play

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    • @Lion El Jonson for example
      u always send all res and cargos fleets to debris or colony(1.306) and u jumped battle ships G5 or another G. and send debris or colony l know that.formerly l always send deployment all fleets 1.306. to 1.411.
      l know yours fleet moves guys.l always follow u,l can guess yours moves so l can make battles.
    • Considering I save religiously from a different planet every night then you couldn't be more wrong. Sending recs first everyone understands, and I'm not disputing the attack when you followed me back. I'm disputing the 3 MASSIVE waves that you launched at me in quick succession. It was humanly impossible in my eyes. So these proof would indicate that there is some other third party involved. It matters not now on any hit that you have posted, they all have lost their luster and creditability within the eyes of this Universe... and as for guessing battles, you got that wrong also when you missed me by 10mins. So with you saying that you know where I save from and can guess my moves we have to assume that you are either deluded or just enjoy a fictional tale. As Both are miss stated. So what else have you miss stated. Bot or Script use perhaps???
    • This is correct, I cannot do anything to you Via the game. But I am patient, it's only a matter of time till your account get banned. Once a Cheater always a Cheater. I look forward to the Day when we are all proved correct about the Immortal Bert that never sleeps. Ogame needs to understand that it would prosper without such players....

    • It is the BOT.l tell u guys how bot works.lf u can analyze carefully u can see everything.
      He attacked all night.he is keeping now ıf u lanx 1,293 u can see.
      he attacked same planet over over again like loop.and that is my inactive attack down.

      Can u see the difference ?? who explain these from me ? GO dont answer me against my proof
    • Its amazing how all these terrible players suddenly learnt how to farm at exactly the same time and lost the need to sleep.
      All I did was farm inactives for 2 hours each day but since my schedule is all over place I got an induition for when is good and when is bad, then suddenly one day all hours of the day are exactly the same and random people with 1mill points have >300kk resources sitting on moons.

      This is getting ridiculous its blatant, like fucking Irish mc Irish face farming inactives from 10pm to 12am his local time is he? Bullshit.