Rabbits Of Boom ( b00m ) vs Reddit ( RED )

  • War Declaration

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  • Rabbits Of Boom ( b00m ) vs Reddit ( RED )

    As a leader of alliance b00m i am declaring war on alliance Reddit ( RED ) starting 24 hours from now.

    Start time: 18.04.2018 04:30:00 server time

    War ends when alliance disbands or each RED member pay to our lower ranked miners 1 bilion ress each.

    So they are already informed why we declare war due to a latest stupid stuff they did and to show what happens when you turn back to a good friend.
    Any alliance wants to join in on their side, you have like 24 hours. Good luck !

    BOOM b00m member list

    RED Red Member List
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  • DF theft is a low act to do when asked for help, very low. But you got to be careful who you ask for help.

    But a just war :) should never steal someones DF... well... steal someones DF, just NOT after they asked for your help.
  • Cuttie wrote:

    IMO im an outsider on this one as STILL banned yeayyy but i would be more than happy to go to war over 1 bil stolen res. spotting a DF and jumping all over it is one thing been asked for help then stealing it is low.
    I agree that it not optimal to do but i Guess if someone wants to keep the DF to them selves, then don't tell your enemies about it? :P
  • wow... you tried to MD his mate... and then asked him to help with recy support? You dont fully understand friendship and alliances thunder? guess we know why he stole the DF now, crappy move still, but understandable.
  • Cuttie wrote:

    Parsec wrote:

    think he can make someone help him
    make or ask? think Thunder is often in coms with Rais i might be wrong but seems that way.
    tried to MD SHACO a little while ago i guess. yea not the best of moves
    lol i meant ask but since its thunder - both could be correct :P

    It was a stupid move and 100% thunders own fault - He should know better than this.
    But he will likely never admit this, instead he needs to make a big thing out of it like always, so he can be the poor victim again....
  • I think I'm posting here just once because I have nothing more to say.

    Thunder's request for recs support never showed in my discord. I only got there "I need help". Of course I got accused of editing screenshots but I can say the same thing about Thunder. I never recieved coords, times, amount, nothing.

    When this happened, I was playing league, getting pinged hundred time in RED alliance chat to send recs 2 systems away from my moon. When my match finished, there was already a war threatening, I got blocked by Thunder without me even saying a word.

    I was actually willing to give the res back, but after all the pressure, Thunder's accusing, irrational behaviour, threats of stomping all RED members, I decided to not go down on him.

    I quite liked Thunder, but one would never believe what's this guy's methods are until one can feel them on his own skin.
  • Yep, the evidence s1mple even provided backs Rias up.

    It did look like a very quick war declaration when you compare when the hit was made, to when war was declared, considering the leaders of b00m would have to had spoken about it first, perhaps.... b00m either jumped the gun, or are seeking a reason to declare?
    And as Rias said himself,

    Firealine wrote:

    but one would never believe what's this guy's methods are until one can feel them on his own skin.
    Thunder has dodgy methods to get what he wants.
  • @MYST @Parsec

    You guys have a right to opinion and to write i can understand but you are not familiar with situation and not being objective.

    What? Somebody MDed his friend and he decided to backstab Thunder, same thunder that kept him in game for last 4 months. You really think b00m did not want to recylcle his juicy rips? me especially, never hunted him bcs of relations to Thunder.
    Anyway we want DTF have more recruits since fleets are dissapearing lately so this war thread is not for nothing.

  • Well Well Well... I might not be the type of people who talks (or barks), but i will have my word on this as a leader of alliance RED:

    To clarify the situation for the people outside the frame, believe it or not, am stating facts and i can provide screenshots...

    I am in a kind off race in ranks with my teammates, always had my eye on my rank, so i saw myself moving +1 rank while i ddnt have anything building on... I check the high score and saw himera dropping like 48 ranks... Scanned her planets and saw big DF at 2:216... spammed "Rias" who was playing league of legends to go for that DF as he has fast rec and 2 systems away so he did and managed to steal like 800kk worth of resources... I knew it was thunder as he s the nearest and most likely 1 of the rare to solo her...

    Brief, Rias told me he got threaten by thunder for stealing his DF while he asked his rec help (regardless the story of thunder MD me and crashing ron):

    Let me clarify this statement : 1st of all, if Thunder asked rec help 1 hour before the attack (according to thunder screenshot), Rias would definitely have informed me if anything fishy was going on... In that message, Thunder never stated COORDS, TIME, REC NUMBERS... so this is no way near "BACK STAB" as thunder is claiming... Rias showed me a screenshot that the sentence "Rec help" never reached him, and why would he lie to me about this? Some people think we get scared from higher ranked players, well guess what, that way will motivate us more to resist people like u, and instead of crying about ur stolen resources, why dont u come and get it homiesssss....

    Moreover, if u think u can threaten us by declaring a war, we aint "pussies" cat in here... as low rank players got nothing to do with it, i gave them the freedom to join any alliance out there (as i dont force people in here like some do...)... and told others to leave too...

    Dont Play the heart broken person, or the angel 1, you would have stolen that DF if it was our attack, so BCH PLS....

    One final thing: U WANT WAR?

  • Wow so much activity on here already. So my understanding is that Thunder and Rias had a mutual friendship. Not a friendship with the ENTIRE red ally, that was never discussed or agreed upon. So who cares if we did an MD on shaco, and who cares that Thunder hit Ron. . . Thats rons fault for relying on bs activity lol.

    So thunder asked a friend for recy help, and Rias you can say the message didnt come through but we all use discord...give me a break. At least be honest lol. Then he never replied. From that point forward its very easy to simply pay attention to the rankings and see who drops. I do not believe Shaco just noticed Himera dropping ranks almost instantly after attack...Very possible you were waiting to see who was hit, and once that happened recys were sent and a significant portion was stolen. And all thats fine n dandy, I am happy to go to war against anyone in Uriel lol, especially players in Red. I hope you dont think that by going to DTF those remaining in Red are somehow safe lol...Like i said, I want all the little guys first :)

    The sad part is that Rias is sending all these excuses to Thunder and deleting messages on his discord trying to hide the fact of the decision they made. Shaco even sent us a screenshot of them stating it was thunder who hit Himera and Rias should send recys....at the same time Rias is talking to Thunder acting like he had no idea what was going on, "shaco just told me to send recys so I did" Then he says "I dont want the res I want to send it all back but my ally wont let me" blah blah blah. At least have some dignity man thats just embarrassing.

    At the end of the day, most of what I am reading already in this thread is nonsense. The decisions that were made were made, and im sure they have their reasons. Everyone knows how Uriel is going to shape up in the long run and I love that people are trying to challenge us. You're welcome DTF for providing you with yet even more members XD XD

    p.s. As far as I know, not a single member has been "forced" to join b00m lol. The stuff I read on the boards is just ridiculous. Lets provide some names of current boom members that were forced to join b00m??, or members that wish they were not in b00m??. Otherwise thats just more nonsense, lies and exaggerations.. I will be waiting...
    <<KING BOO>>

    Uriel Top10 active
    Wezn Top25 retired
    Virgo Top50 active
  • BANDIDOS wrote:

    p.s. As far as I know, not a single member has been "forced" to join b00m lol. The stuff I read on the boards is just ridiculous. Lets provide some names of current boom members that were forced to join b00m??, or members that wish they were not in b00m??. Otherwise thats just more nonsense, lies and exaggerations.. I will be waiting...
    Lately Thunder threatened JUPIXX to join or get smashed... u can ask if you are not aware of things going around u.... thats 1 of many... i have a bad memory, but Jupixx is just fresh....

    Braaaaa, we have balls, we dont lie, thats us, if u have some kind of shortage, it aint our problem... Stop accusing people whom u dont even know...

    Believing the rank story or not, i dont care, like 0 fks given, i just explained it to the none brain dead people, ofc u wouldnt believe, they teach u that in b00m...

    As for hiding the facts that the message was received by Rias or no, we aint afraid of telling the truth unlike some here who needs some milk to stop crying and grow some balls...

    I AM THE ONLY 1 RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT DECISION.... if i didnt notice the rank drop, none of this would happen, but hey i have attention to details, great gift ha?

    If Rias was that close to thunder, he would have been in b00m long time ago...