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      Hello Quantum.

      Maybe you've already seen this topic
      And you read what piink said:

      piink wrote:

      I can answer the question.
      Yes, we can proceed with changes, but the polls have to be quite clear.
      I can run polls in individual servers with several options if a certain amount of people from the server request it.
      We did that in Uriel for example ( here) recently where several players asked if we can put back the pushing rule into the server as a standard rule.
      The requirement for this specific action required 90% of the server agreeing with the change and the result was negative so the rule is not changing.

      There is a growing request in Xanthus asking if we can change the server from no ACS into an ACS server.
      Special server rules and settings like ACS change the dynamic of the server too much and require quite a lot of the server population to agree (90% for me to make sure it is the wish of the players in the community server- otherwise we are killing the wish of a big minority that is there and pick the server for a reason).

      In general we are against changes of the fleet when the change is from x1 to x5, but if it is from x1 to x2 we can run polls as well (although it is not ideal, because fleets starting right after the change will have the speed change while fleets started before the change will remain in the old speed and it is crazy).

      For other changes, such as economy of a server, percentage of debris field or other things, as long as the change is not too crazy we can run polls and arrange the change of the setting with an 80% agreement from the server population. Just bring the discussions up in your server sections and give me a poke if you think it would be interesting to run a poll like they did in Uriel or the upcoming request from Xanthus.
      Personally, I really like this idea and I think that it is necessary to use this opportunity.

      So I want to suggest doing the same here in Quantum.
      Same thing they did in Poland.
      Increase eco speed to x7 and make 0.5 Deuterium consumption.
      Such changes will be good both for miners and for fleeters.
      And make the game in Quantum only better.

      But most importantly, it is necessary that Quantum players support this idea.
      So let's discuss this here and ask for changes.
      Would you like such a change?

    • lol how so? when quantum is years ahead of everyone else? cyngus top player isn't even 30% of your top players no.

      The idea is to help the other universes catch up, not make it ever worse for us when we get sent to your bully alliance
    • Allucien wrote:

      Maybe in a couple years after a merge not now
      And what will change? Those who continue to play here, in a while will have even larger accounts. With x7 eco or not.

      Allucien wrote:

      The idea is to help the other universes catch up
      I do not think that now it is possible.
      The game is so arranged that those players who started earlier and played longer will have an advantage over newcomers.
      Perhaps, when GF will begin to make international mergers, it will be more balanced. But within the framework of one community, this can not be solved.

      I would also like this boost to affect all universes.
      But now it seems to me more realistic, to ask it to do it in several target universes.

      P.S. Maybe it's worth attaching a vote to the first post?

    • i advise you guy's to keep on track.
      you have made this thread to vote for a new setting of the univ not to discuss other issue.the next comments that are off topic will be warned.
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    • blondu wrote:

      i advise you guy's to keep on track.
      you have made this thread to vote for a new setting of the univ not to discuss other issue.the next comments that are off topic will be warned.
      How the hell are you a moderator? i've seen all talk as relevant so far. I think it would be nice to see it change to 7x, but if they do it here i want it in rhea too :D