P_I_S Recruiting 3rd Member

    • Alliance Introduction

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    • P_I_S Recruiting 3rd Member

      Hello Virgo..

      As you can see we are recruiting one more member to bolester our ranks..

      If you wanna join this awsome old school corporation there are some conditions we have :

      1. Inbetween 33 and 66 years old ( ID, Driving licence or Passport as proof)
      1.1. Not married or children, if you have that problem you can always divorce and then join us..
      1.2. IF your girlfriend or wife is OGAMER and knows how to make sarma or burek forget previous rule..

      2. You wont be able to use chat, discord, msn, icq or any other mean of communication to contact any corp member couse we are working in incognito mode.. all tactical and long term decisions are made in deep nirvana state coused by lots of booze..
      2.1 To prevent any sort of counterespionage we developt special language that includes only smirks, winks, snores, oinks and farts.. bulletproof ! There is 2 weeks education in Gulag sponzored by P_I_S..

      3. You have to pass our Way Of No Sleep regime, We developt it with Insomnia Corp and old school ogamers, most of them not active anymore, RL and Ingame.. small side effect, dont worry about it.... Gustav made it in 2 months it is doable..

      4. Know most basics of OGame : How to push your Guild Leader without getting on GO radar. We will provide with best bots and tools to get your gaming easier so you can dedicate yourself to booze and pushing your mighty leader..
      4.1. We are accepting two type of accounts and you will get guild title according to your account . Options are : Strong mining account, you only need to be stronger then Corp leader in points and have enough transporters to send all your resources daily to Corp leader, you will get specail title : PUSHER. Strong fleet account, again it HAVE to be stronger then Corp leader acc and you will make Corp leader moons on all planets. If all planets are under moon we will destroy those moons so you can do it again; specail title : MOON MAKER PRO !

      5. FS is not mandatory, it is just waste of time, your slot and deuterium..

      6. If you have any question, need extra explanation or anything else please DO NOT ASK ! We dont have them..

      7. Dont worry you wont be worst P_I_S Ogamer ever, we have that spot forever for Gustav..

      Whoever get through all this and get in P_I_S...

      But something is wrong with you mate..
      We will invite you, and kick you 2 weeks later when I find kick member button on alliance which always get lost..
      We just wanna solve that 3 members tutorial quest..

      Sincerly yours,

      P_I_S HQ...
    • Update No.1 :

      We are still looking for third member. If you are ok with last post you are free not to join us..
      It would be awsome if darth vader could join us so he can push my acc for next year or so..

      That 3rd member quest is so hard to do. Already on 20 k Light Fighters milestone 2018. Quest and we havent solved that one yet... :sadsjenkaissadsjenkaevenwhennotsad:

      Update No. 2 :

      P_I_S is not merging or joining any alliance..
      We are even thinking about spliting into two alliances : P_I_S and P_I_S Wannabes where Gustav will be leader..

      Update No. 3 :

      We are really happy with all the players joining our Uni and think it will bring some fun..

      Update No.4 :

      Cant really remember what No. 4 was but if I remember during this year will tell you guys /well I will know too then/

      All the wrong use of English language in this post is product of years studying and how to make mistakes like PRO.

      See you around..
    • Sooo there was InfoGamer in Zagreb (Gaming Fare) this weekend so P_I_S decided to visit and ask those PRO gamers how to recruit 3rd member and how to improve our game..

      We met guys from many different games and lots of clan/guild/alliance leaders from different games, some youtubers and even Daenerys Targaryen in flesh (her advice didnt help couse she is still into dragons and we are piloting battlecruisers.. meh..)

      When we showed our program from three posts above they looked at us like we are too old and kinda crazy but that goes like that with us..

      Aftar 8 hours of interviews with all those ppl around and playing lots of games we finally found the THE WAY we wanna proceed as P_I_S Alliance..

      So plan for year 2019. is really hard and really long..
      IT will take lots of crystal and lots of research quee..
      But it will be done..

      We will without doubt get our Espionage LvL so high everyone will break their probes on us..
      We will live and prosper from that crystal..

      We will be know as Spymasters of Virgo..
      If you wanna be Spymaster in Training you more then welcome not to join us..
      P.S. Please send us PS of your Espionage lvl couse ours is still to low to determine yours..

      See you around..

      P_I_S HQ Out..
    • Hello esteemed friends, I would like to join the "pis" alliance, so I hope you will look at my application. I have been making espionage a priority, saving up for lvl5 right now.

      You can see me ingame under the name "Lord of Ice." Ice for all the crystal I will steal from people probing me, once I get esp level 7.

      Thank you!
    • Virgo, we have a problem !

      There was big drama in large P_I_S community today..

      After all that time spent tutoring Gustav he did that to me..

      Can you imagine ?

      Wanted to kick him but I gave him leadership for this week..
      And he cant find out how to kick me since his Leadership in Ogame1on1 classes havent started yet..


      After this scandal we are stoping really sucesfull recruitment for few minutes..

      Sorry guys you will have to wait till it is sorted..


      Spy tactics are going flawless with little drop in income with some bans in uni.. but things are back in normal now.. :gospleasedontbanpplwhospyalot:

      See you around Virgo..

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    • Update No. 5..

      After big scandal which I explained in last post things are slowly getting better in P_I_S Universe..

      After over a month we decided to solve our problems in most civil manner..
      We put up inalliance competition in few disciplines : Push Ups, Pulls Ups and sprint 100 meters (Gustav got to 60 meters, hope he will manage to finish last 40 meters in next week or two)..
      While he was training PushUps I was training farming and raiding in OGame.. knew I would loose in those disciplines but the final result is in the picture below..

      With superior tactics P_I_S mighty leader took the lead again..

      Really glad our drama is behind us so I dont have to crash his satellites and defence to get in front of him..


      Our spy tactics are going really good, got Espionage Tech to lvl 19 and now researching to 20..

      Probes are falling down left and right..

      @Heretic Please spy with more then 3 probes..

      After two good news from P_I_S everybody would think there is 3rd. bad info.. but ofc not..

      After almost 6 - 7 years we found 3 lost P_I_S brothers smashing heads in Europa Uni..

      They got little bit confused with Croata joining EU, so the were thinking they HAVE to join Europa Ogame uni too.. (crazy P_I_S heads)..
      And everybody knows they are actually Virgo like every other proper OGame player..

      Special mention to : bavarija, Nezamjetna and VonCimeries..
      Stay strong there and move to Virgo on next merge..


      See you around till next time..
      We are recruiting again..

      . . . . .
      . . . .
      . . .
      . .