[TOT:] s1mple [b00m] & Bongi [b00m] & CuteCat [b00m] & Nayf [b00m] & Thunder [b00m] vs. Nero [DTF] (A: 4.648.447.000, D: 27.586.779.500)

  • Uriel

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  • [TOT:] s1mple [b00m] & Bongi [b00m] & CuteCat [b00m] & Nayf [b00m] & Thunder [b00m] vs. Nero [DTF] (A: 4.648.447.000, D: 27.586.779.500)

    On 18-05-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Here it finally is so much stress behind this hit the 70+ transport making the lanx such a hard job. BOOM came we conquered love you all... DTF anyone wants a drink Beers are on me if we ever meet IRL

    With love from Thunder "I'd like to say thanks to my team, that made this hit possible
    and leave it at that"

    Most Dedi to Nayf this may be his goodbye hit one of the bravest fleeters i have ever met please consider staying as things only get easier from here...

    All santa's little helpers you know who you are who helped with the DF.

    Attacker s1mple [b00m]

    Deathstar 300
    Light Fighter 495.000
    Heavy Fighter 5.000
    Cruiser 57.000
    Battleship 25.500
    Battlecruiser 37.000

    Attacker Bongi [b00m]

    Deathstar 320
    Large Cargo 10.299
    Light Fighter 273.013
    Heavy Fighter 89
    Bomber 2.596
    Destroyer 816
    Cruiser 22.328
    Battleship 10.114
    Battlecruiser 31.470

    Attacker CuteCat [b00m]

    Deathstar 1.602
    Battleship 29.798
    Bomber 11
    Destroyer 44
    Battlecruiser 36.561
    Light Fighter 507.693
    Cruiser 52.198
    Espionage Probe 1

    Attacker Nayf [b00m]

    Deathstar 28
    Light Fighter 410.000
    Cruiser 44.140
    Battleship 24.333
    Destroyer 1.200
    Battlecruiser 27.000

    Attacker Thunder [b00m]

    Deathstar 2.133
    Light Fighter 969.692
    Heavy Fighter 71
    Destroyer 31
    Cruiser 100.029
    Battleship 137.925
    Battlecruiser 62.411

    Defender Nero [DTF]

    Small Cargo 75.101
    Large Cargo 29.529
    Light Fighter 845.987
    Heavy Fighter 10.663
    Cruiser 120.996
    Battleship 77.403
    Colony Ship 11
    Recycler 231.696
    Espionage Probe 6.275
    Bomber 24
    Solar Satellite 357
    Destroyer 35.450
    Deathstar 96
    Battlecruiser 66.400
    Rocket Launcher 23.564
    Light Laser 5.040
    Heavy Laser 1.875
    Ion Cannon 79

    After the battle ...

    Attacker s1mple [b00m]

    Deathstar 300 ( -0 )
    Light Fighter 327.737 ( -167.263 )
    Heavy Fighter 3.815 ( -1.185 )
    Cruiser 52.744 ( -4.256 )
    Battleship 24.923 ( -577 )
    Battlecruiser 36.588 ( -412 )

    Attacker Bongi [b00m]

    Deathstar 320 ( -0 )
    Large Cargo 8.016 ( -2.283 )
    Light Fighter 181.205 ( -91.808 )
    Heavy Fighter 69 ( -20 )
    Bomber 2.576 ( -20 )
    Destroyer 811 ( -5 )
    Cruiser 20.551 ( -1.777 )
    Battleship 9.868 ( -246 )
    Battlecruiser 31.106 ( -364 )

    Attacker CuteCat [b00m]

    Deathstar 1.602 ( -0 )
    Battleship 29.111 ( -687 )
    Bomber 11 ( -0 )
    Destroyer 43 ( -1 )
    Battlecruiser 36.108 ( -453 )
    Light Fighter 336.895 ( -170.798 )
    Cruiser 48.139 ( -4.059 )
    Espionage Probe 0 ( -1 )

    Attacker Nayf [b00m]

    Deathstar 28 ( -0 )
    Light Fighter 271.924 ( -138.076 )
    Cruiser 40.574 ( -3.566 )
    Battleship 23.751 ( -582 )
    Destroyer 1.186 ( -14 )
    Battlecruiser 26.675 ( -325 )

    Attacker Thunder [b00m]

    Deathstar 2.133 ( -0 )
    Light Fighter 645.911 ( -323.781 )
    Heavy Fighter 49 ( -22 )
    Destroyer 31 ( -0 )
    Cruiser 92.938 ( -7.091 )
    Battleship 135.885 ( -2.040 )
    Battlecruiser 61.754 ( -657 )

    Defender Nero [DTF]


    The attacker has won the battle!
    The attacker captured:
    529.129.125 Metal, 159.156.620 Crystal and 283.286.601 Deuterium

    The attacker lost a total of 4.648.447.000 units.
    The defender lost a total of 27.586.779.500 units.
    At these space coordinates now float 13.380.729.600 metal and 7.449.409.100 crystal.
    The attacker captured a total of 971.572.346 units.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    Debris harvested by the attacker(s):
    1.503.390.000 Metal and 1.503.390.000 Crystal
    2.920.660.000 Metal and 2.920.660.000 Crystal
    1.135.760.000 Metal and 0 Crystal
    870.000.000 Metal and 0 Crystal
    1.020.697.900 Metal and 2.100 Crystal
    37.870.000 Metal and 37.870.000 Crystal
    897.430.000 Metal and 897.430.000 Crystal
    642.320.000 Metal and 0 Crystal
    1.100.874.200 Metal and 659.225.800 Crystal
    662.360.000 Metal and 0 Crystal
    1.431.520.000 Metal and 1.431.520.000 Crystal
    115.040.000 Metal and 0 Crystal

    Total debris harvested by the attacker(s):
    12.337.922.100 Metal and 7.450.097.900 Crystal

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: 9.501.363.225
    Crystal: 6.401.758.520
    Deuterium: 208.023.601
    The attacker(s) made a profit of units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: -16.344.865.125
    Crystal: -9.600.417.620
    Deuterium: -2.613.069.101
    The defender(s) lost a total of 28.558.351.846 units.
  • Very well done team... Could not be more pleased with the preparation, the planning, the strategy and execution. Really really nice work here. I will post the follow up hit in an hour or so. GG Nero, looks like you are leaving Uriel. Wish you would stay but I get it. You managed to get a solid team together to rise up against B00M and I hope we all had fun along the way. Wish you the best in RL and in future unis.
    <<KING BOO>>

    Uriel Top10 active
    Wezn Top25 retired
    Virgo Top50 active
  • Well guys, congrats on the great team work, you are all very skilled players and Boom is great ally so keep up the good work so we all can learn from you how one ally should act.
    This is a huge hit with massive damage, I know that we will see more from you soon...Sad to see Nayf is leaving, I wish him to stay, he is good player and person too :)
    Nero, we all knew it would happen to you soon or a later, so I wish you fast rebuild if you decide to stay, and much more luck if you leave and play somewhere else.
    Boomers, you are the best :)
  • Congrats on the new number one. It's very hard to see Nero hit, especially knowing he may have escaped, but I guess sometimes our best efforts aren't enough. I have to commend your coordination, with the DF picked up so quickly on such a massive hit.

    I hope you stick around, Blackhawk. We need good players like you in Uriel.
  • Uriel... what have we all just witnessed? 8o

    Great team work guys, it has was a real pleasure and great fun flying. Everyone in b00m miners/fleeters pat yourself on the back as you have all contributed to this in one way or another so well done, this is the outcome of our hard work paying off.

    Cuttie/Thunder you guys are unreal you've both worked so hard for this to happen. Nothing but absolute respect for both of you! This wasn't just a straight forward hit, your skills and dedication have really shown here. Outstanding efforts :hail: . I'm pretty sure you will sleep well tonight.

    For me this is what OGame is all about, working as a team (and what a team we have in b00m) killing fleet, becoming rich, having fun and just simply enjoying the game. Unfortunately though RL has come calling and this is it for me. I'd like the thank everyone who i have made friends with and even enemies because if it wasn't for all of you my time here wouldn't have been half a much fun :) .

    b00m... you guys are amazing i'd say I'll miss you but i will still be around on Discord catching up to which i want to hear WE ARE STILL RULING URIEL ;)

    FR Nero, or GLIRL whatever you decide.

    Oh and not a bad hit to go out on aye?

    Nayf Out! :thumbup:

  • BANDIDOS wrote:

    ron wrote:

    especially knowing he may have escaped
    Escape wouldve been hard from this one as we hit I believe 5s after he landed but yes indeed he is a very skilled player and I hope he stays, we do need players like him to stay in Uriel!
    It was 8 sec, anw nice hit there great teamwork ,, well done cutecat and thunder I know you two did all the work as always :) no words to be said here much skills shown ... DTF has skilled players and good players but unfortunately no teamwork
    Sorry to see you hit blackhawk , we played together there but it must end in any way to all of us .. hope you stay there , and a fast rebuild
  • @Warning It looks like his fleet landed at 19:19:48 and the hit took place at 19:19:54 so actually 6 seconds heh. So I guess yes it is possible to get away in 6 seconds but I would be unable to do that without using some illegal script or something. But some people are faster than my slow fingers lol.

    And yes the work goes to Thunder and Cuttie for sure on this one. They worked very hard to make this happen for the team and it really shows. As we are a team, and a good one I would say, many players contribute huge amounts to many different attacks that would not be possible otherwise. But these 2 guys were without question the backbone of this hit and they deserve all the credit for it, they really do. I totally agree with you warning that the difference between b00m and DTF would appear to be the teamwork. DTF was built with a defensive mindset (so I have been told by DTF members), but I think the biggest issue for them is that its a random group thrown together to challenge b00m. Whereas the core b00m players came together based on friendship (similar to FU2 and we know how good of an ally that was), and have been playing together for a significant amount of time now.

    Although I may not get along with DTF members at times, I sincerely hope they continue to grow and pull themselves up from this and continue to make the game both challenging and fun for the whole uni. They still have some good players and I hope they will continue to build their ally and work together more and more so we may have many battles in the future.
    <<KING BOO>>

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  • Well, well , well...what can i say! I will give that to you guys, it was well organized and well done! BUT claiming the lanx with 70 cargoes was such a hard job! :nono There was only 3 acs waves on lanx not so hard to see or control! :quote: But now i know why u guys are on top! Its dirty trick after dirty tricks!
    And yes, B00 your right he did have the time to escape! But unfortunately one of u guys decided to make -SPAM OVERVIEW!- nice job and not legal! so he didn't have time for nothing! but what bugs me the most! with this OVERVIEW SPAM is how was it possible that all these spam probes where 1 sec apart and 4 of them with same time! :complaingrumble:
  • @senator kuma stop trying to stir up nonsense and just be a good sport mate. It was a good hit. Simple as that. A few probes is not overview spam. Nero had his chance to get away, but he did not. I would not of gotten away from it either. There is no need to make excuses and all this talk talk talk.. There were some probes sent so if our timing was off, we could correct it in the future. It had no impact on the hit no matter how bad you wanted it to. You guys could have defended, you could have sent recys, but you didnt because you thought our timing was off but last second realized that was not the case. It was a good move and great strategy from Thunder and Cuttie. Im sorry your so upset mate, really I truly am, I saw all your messages in game earlier too. Just be a good sport when you win, and when you lose. Play the game and have some fun for a change, all this hostility is unhealthy mate. Cheers.

    p.s. I am pretty sure it is a violation of board rules to accuse players of cheating as there is an entire other system for those concerns. This is not that place.
    <<KING BOO>>

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