[TOT: 62.550.000] Senator Kuma [DTF] vs. King BOO [b00m] (A: 3.921.000, D: 58.629.000)

    • Uriel

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    • My only mis-deed was providing recycler support to an ally who apparently did not know the rules of the game. The act of sending recyclers is not an offence, you know we knew nothing of the probes, hell you did not know about them. Two wrongs do not make a right and trying to ban people who you know, 100% did nothing wrong and were there as a favour, will burn bridges.

      I am still sorry to see you banned, happy Ogaming when/if you return
      I apologise in advance for everything
    • ron wrote:

      Happy birthday, Kuma! Glad it was a good day for you and glad I could join the festivities :D

      Enjoy your time off from the game, Boo! Hope I'm not too much of a n00b for you to not read this :P
      Boo has asked me to tell you to stop directing messages to him on here, as he considers you too much of a n00b... He also asks if you could stop typing as well. Or just throw away your board account while you're at it.

      Boo doesn't have time to type reactions for such inferior creatures as ourselves, he is communicating this message directly into my head via telepathy

      Thanks Daddy Parsec!
    • "Directing messages to him on here"!! :youcrazy: :youcrazy: I telekinetically wrote my hit on him and responded to his trolling (that's only 2 times)... while he as no time to type reactions or messages .... he does have time to babble 3-4 times on here! I am sending you this Telepathically Fuff so please give him this reply in his native tongue...because i don't speak BS , sorry! :thumbsup: I know its a joke...just joking back!! :thumbup:

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    • lol this is too funny, i come back from my long work week and its just nonsense as i predicted. Overall though, DTF lost more points than I did on this hit haha.

      Kuma you try to hard to troll, you and shaco both XD. You think people actually get upset about what you write on here haha, you guys need to work some issues out. I prefer logic to trolling. Post logic without insults and try to sound intelligent and make good points and you might get to me someday. Maybe.
      <<KING BOO>>

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