[12th of June] Live Server Lobby Release

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    • [12th of June] Live Server Lobby Release

      Dear Users,

      the Lobby Release has been rescheduled to the 12th of June. We will get the Lobby at 10:00am CEST, the other communitys will follow at around 1pm/13:00 CEST. You can find the original Informations of the old date here: [Lobby release] 06.06 Live servers

      Important things from the old thread:
      - Game Accounts with the same e-mail and password will automatically show in the same Lobby Account
      - Game Accounts with te same e-mail and different password can be merged into the same Lobby Account by simply recovering the password through the "forgotten password" button.
      - Game Accounts with different e-mail and password can be merged into the same Lobby Account using the function "Account Link" at the top right menu in the Lobby screen.

      With the lobby a few additional important things change:
      - Accounts that got linked into a lobby account can't get removed from this account.
      - You don't get a "Recall"-link to your old E-Mail when you change the E-Mail of the Lobby.
      - You are no longer allowed to hand out your login-details to others. This means account-trading is no longer supported until a system for it gets implemented.
      - Handing out your account-details to another player for Sitting is forbidden. For Sitting you need to use the new Token-System, the old login details exchange is forbidden.
      - You no longer need to create a ticket to announce your Sitting.
      - The maximum Sitting-duration has been increased form 24 hours to 48 hours.

      Changes to the Game:
      - The newly introduced "Import/Export" highlight will be deactivated for now.

      Changes to the Board:
      - The Account trading section will be closed until a system for accounttrades gets implemented into the lobby.

      Your OGame-Team

      Board Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief
    • As this question came up a few times: No you can't changed the E-Mail of a single game round after the Lobby went live. All accounts automatically get put into an Lobbyaccount that matches their E-Mail. From these Lobbyaccounts no single gameround can be removed or moved into another Lobbyaccount.

      Board Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief