Rank 1 - Tarazed - Miner

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    • Rank 1 - Tarazed - Miner

      Sadly my RL situation has made it necessary for me to retire from Ogame for an indeterminate amount of time. At the same time I just can’t stomach what Ogame has become anymore, and I guess I’m all out of rainbows, unicorns and hope for a better tomorrow.

      I therefore have two accounts that need new loving owners. One is a miner and one is a fleeter. This is the post for my Tarazed miner.If you’re looking for a Yildun fleeter, look next door.

      This is not a “contact me so I can tell you my price” post. I am giving away the accounts for free.I don’t want your money, I want your assurance that you will actually play the accounts, and not push with them. Be prepared to verify who you are on skype/discord. Come with references – I need to be confident that you are who you are, and not some cheat0r in disguise looking for push accounts.

      Rank 1 in Tarazed (x4/x4): Miner. All planets are mooned, slot 12s. All are in G4, 1 ss apart, so fleeting/raiding is not really an option.I will remove it from alliance (PHAN) before I leave, whether you can/want to get back in depends on the alliance (and you of course).

      I am only giving you one account, and if you want the Yildun account, it needs to be your main. If you want the Tarazed account, it at the very least needs to be your second. You don’t survive long in Yildun with fleet if it isn’t a priority universe, and I would hate to see a rank 1 in Tarazed dip into oblivion because you did nothing with it.

      Aside from no stupid push-pull BS, I only have one other requirement. The account is yours as long as you want to play it, but once you are done with it, you need to give it back to me. I am not giving you the account so you can pass it on to your bestest friend in 2 months. I am giving it to you to play. Not someone else I don’t know and don’t trust.


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    • Thank you all for the interest so far.

      The intent is to try to make a transfer before the Lobby deadline. A few things need to fit together for that to be possible (sitting complications requiring GO dispensation -- lobby start date clashing with the 15 day rule and ability to change e-mails), but that is the aim. If that isn't possible, transfer will be significantly later.

      For now, I'll keep the post open until midnight ST.
    • Thank you all for the lovely pms you have sent my way. The Tarazed account has found a new home, which hopefully will work well.

      Still looking at Yildun, will post there once a decision has been made. If the forum disappears before I'm able to make a final decision, you will each hear from me in PM.

      (This can now be closed, thanks! )