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  • seksej wrote:

    hahahahha what a funny story.. when some idiot dont know how to farm and then he comes at forum and talking so much ahha
    So what about english? Jelaous?
    You can only talk.. but you are one of that who talking so much and pushing..
    So cant bealive in that
    And yes look at my destroyed points..only isagat was destroyed 400m fleet of me.. so im not farming, so im not trying destroy moon?
    People can farm, but there's a difference between farming and using a farming script, which sadly many people use. Do you use it? Maybe, probably, who knows.

    This forum is for English only, so you're threading a thin line between English and whatever gibberish you're saying.
    Oh, destroyed points mean so much in a world run by automizers and money.

    seksej wrote:

    Man go kill yourself
    Been there, done that.


    Necro you know what you are been told, and thats fine.
    When you are a man, and you plan something with someone, and you GAVE YOUR WORD TWICE! thats 50-50 and you keep lowering what you will offer.. your dont worth anything as a person.

    Truth is, i locked fleet to planet, he locked the recall, when he locked i asked him the second time if the profit still 50-50, cause i knew how greedy he is, and he said yes, because it was 3.2bn..
    after puma took half he got mad and told me 300M metal and 100M Cristal, i asked for a bit more cristal and ..even after that i was like .. ok ..

    theeeeen he told me i cant give you any metal i will give you 250M Cristal only...

    NO WORD!

    Im no bitch, i wont play with a guy like that, i quit and i fight.
    thats how to be a man.

    if you still think thats ok, its fine, this is my point of view of stuff and its how i felt.
    wont reply on this topic anymore.
    I mean tbh he's still the one who put the fleet at risk, yes he didn't get all of the DF if i understood correctly, but in the end he still has to cover any losses he had and then see how much profit he made and split it. If he did actually fuck you over then fine, fuck the guy, but you didn't exactly need to quit the whole ally cause of one retard, did you try to take it up with the others at all or just left without saying a word to them?

    tazax wrote:

    Gangster, il ask you something :D Do u Really want me to share our private convo from Discord? How you dare to talk about pushing or anything else?
    This just got a bit more interesting.
  • :closed: On behalf of poster and you guys that are still insulting each other, I will get around to censoring your post here in a bit
    “War does not determine who is right — only who is left.”

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