Top 06 - [TOT: 3.301.915.000] Mephistopheles [ACS] & Yurgajurga [b00m] & Royal Exo [b00m] vs. bhj [TNT] & qubeley [Hua] & julia [julia] (A: 1.971.817.000, D: 1.330.098.000)

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    • Top 06 - [TOT: 3.301.915.000] Mephistopheles [ACS] & Yurgajurga [b00m] & Royal Exo [b00m] vs. bhj [TNT] & qubeley [Hua] & julia [julia] (A: 1.971.817.000, D: 1.330.098.000)

      Alright, so it was time, figured i'd post it for you guys before they get to, as i'm pretty sure you like these stories better then no fs no fleet :headbanging: :P

      Before i head to the talk about the attack, lets say a few words about this uni , there is no hope people, even tho you see me trying my best, i single handedly cannot do scratch, and we have no resources or skilled fleeters to back up and fight together, unfortunately this uni has been messed up with a bunch of pushing ( Yes this is my real opinion , its full of push accounts, most of them have been built up to then be crashed by you know who , if not just to gather deut and trade it to him at 2:1:1 then merch into 3:2:1, you all know the details not gonna go into that and have the GO's start saying stop the accusations as if its not 1000% clear ) .
      Again im not hating against the guy and his team, we've always traded GG and messages ingame, except for what they do, they are nice people .
      I havent really thought this speech throught so sry if its out of sync .

      So yeah there is nothing that could be done in zibal anymore, out of the top 100 , about 50% are their accounts if not more, and about 70% of the top 10 , most of the top fleeters aswell, they are online 20h+ a day, i don't know if its seperate people with no life ( less likely) or a couple of people on rotations running the accounts , frankly i dont really care , i just hope this new lobby system is intended to fight cheating and abused account sitting on the next unis.

      Even tho i have been doing hits, and you could say i've been working hard but to be honest, i've lost hope right after BTC fell apart as that was the right moment to do anything on the uni, and we had players like Alastair and peshe which were actually making solid plans and brought a bit of results, then they fed the enemy more and more, and made the catchup even further away . they are dropping loads of DM, again active 20h+ , watching everyone, and crashing fleets 1 by 1, they are well synchronised, 1 account builds BC 1 account builds Dessies, a couple build mass fodder, a couple build balanced fleets, some have RIPs for MDs , some don't lol i could go on and on . ( they have started doing MDs lowkey just havent cought anyone yet)

      Unfortunately with my respect to a few fleeters in the uni, to our bad luck those fleeters are not even working together , instead they are hunting eachother , and everyone is being crashed beside the people intended to be crashed.

      If you would ever spot them timered >60 min everywhere ( near impossible ) , you probe, then you get some lovely activity everywhere, i've seen that on alot of other players too like The Butcher, one of the other players i have 0 respect for, chaining activity on his moons while he's off with scripts , bunch of dirty crap in this uni i can't even cover everything i know in 1 post.

      TLDR They are way too far ahead , that any normal fair to play player , will never be able to catch up to. An average of 250-300k increase a day without any big hits is just ... :beer: :biggrin:

      Now before i seperate back into a bit of relevancy on the hit, i've actually wanted to quit zibal ever since 1-2 weeks ago when i noticed im putting all my effort, and my 5-8 hours of play on 3/4 of the week are not enough to do scrap, i even said i would v mode to a few of my friends, then i backed up, and then i guess today is the time.

      The actual hit : We Saw bhj ( which is a player running scripts to the bone, and i have 0 respect for him , probe alerts, farm scripts ) since we saw him attack a turtle with 8k SC , then 8 min before they arrive 25k LF 50 cruisers 2k SC were launched into the same turtle, then the 8k SC would just go in and get crashed on 13M Defence, like wth is that ? he was online not like it was a mistake , on another planet we saw him launching 50k Lf 50 cruisers 2k SC, we knew it was at 80% and calculated a return , I got yurga to join up on ACS, another mate failed his Jumpgate and couldnt join in , otherwise the results would have been different, but i wouldnt blame him , we were a bit obvious with the return hit, and i launched LF so it made it go up to 37 mins launch from 23 systems away, it was enough for Bhj to contact Qubeley and julia and have them launch within a few minutes, i actually saw qubeley's moon glow up, and i was 80% sure we would get ninja'd, not much firepower into the attack, and lots of activity on fleeters around the target.

      Thenagain, even tho its just a 100M profit smash on 50k LF , it gave me what i've wanted for the past few weeks, a bit of rest from this mess of a uni, instead of wasting more time into an already written ending.

      You could say that i could have just v-moded amd avoided all of this , but when you've done so well in a uni and made friends, its hard to give up on them to say the least. This was the push i needed to hit the button.

      I want to say thank you for everyone for being supportive and paying respects throughout this whole journey <3 <3 this is not the last u will see of me, this is my first uni that i've really played to be fair, i've barely known the game before, and i might join the next one with some friends and see if somehow we can get a clean fairplay uni .

      Sorry if i saddened some people who actually had some hope still , but this had to have been said i guess, to get everyone on one clear page.

      Qubeley & their fellow teammates , i wanna say good job m8 , you've carved ur #1 spot, maybe you should take some rest and chill out a bit no one's gonna catch up to you , you dont have to worry about that, give it 1 month and the whole uni will be dead and v-moded, then you'll see how all these hours and all the $$ you've dropped has gone into waste right infront of your eyes, as you've ruined the fun in zibal .

      Good luck to everyone , specially to my team ACS , to B00m aswell & then specifically to[ Iceman and zoubaba ] who have been by my side throughout this whole journey <3

      Farewell everyone, see you on another uni !

      here is the hit :

      On 13-06-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker Mephistopheles [ACS]

      Light Fighter 100.000
      Battleship 6.567
      Battlecruiser 3.694
      Cruiser 19.000

      Attacker Yurgajurga [b00m]

      Light Fighter 15.628
      Heavy Fighter 2.963
      Battleship 2.430
      Battlecruiser 4.169
      Cruiser 9.188

      Attacker Royal Exo [b00m]

      Espionage Probe 1

      Defender bhj [TNT]

      Small Cargo 26.062
      Large Cargo 3.068
      Light Fighter 143.604
      Heavy Fighter 121
      Cruiser 10.730
      Battleship 1.148
      Colony Ship 3
      Recycler 12.492
      Espionage Probe 204
      Bomber 4
      Deathstar 3
      Battlecruiser 1.372

      Defender qubeley [Hua]

      Cruiser 15.508
      Battleship 2.795

      Defender julia [julia]

      Cruiser 10.830
      Battleship 2.427
      Battlecruiser 1.515

      After the battle ...

      Attacker Mephistopheles [ACS]

      Light Fighter 7 ( -99.993 )
      Battleship 1.859 ( -4.708 )
      Battlecruiser 2.122 ( -1.572 )
      Cruiser 369 ( -18.631 )

      Attacker Yurgajurga [b00m]

      Light Fighter 1 ( -15.627 )
      Heavy Fighter 2 ( -2.961 )
      Battleship 646 ( -1.784 )
      Battlecruiser 2.338 ( -1.831 )
      Cruiser 200 ( -8.988 )

      Attacker Royal Exo [b00m]

      Espionage Probe 0 ( -1 )

      Defender bhj [TNT]

      Small Cargo 2.483 ( -23.579 )
      Large Cargo 682 ( -2.386 )
      Light Fighter 13.411 ( -130.193 )
      Heavy Fighter 27 ( -94 )
      Cruiser 5.780 ( -4.950 )
      Battleship 1.077 ( -71 )
      Colony Ship 1 ( -2 )
      Recycler 4.121 ( -8.371 )
      Espionage Probe 12 ( -192 )
      Bomber 4 ( -0 )
      Deathstar 3 ( -0 )
      Battlecruiser 1.352 ( -20 )

      Defender qubeley [Hua]

      Cruiser 8.472 ( -7.036 )
      Battleship 2.601 ( -194 )

      Defender julia [julia]

      Cruiser 5.574 ( -5.256 )
      Battleship 2.194 ( -233 )
      Battlecruiser 1.481 ( -34 )

      The battle ends in a draw.

      The attacker lost a total of 1.971.817.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of 1.330.098.000 units.
      At these space coordinates now float 1.551.517.100 metal and 648.986.100 crystal.

      The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.
      The defender(s) captured the debris.

      Summary of profit/losses:

      Summary attackers(s)

      Metal: -1.311.236.000
      Crystal: -554.298.000
      Deuterium: -106.283.000
      The attacker(s) lost a total of 1.971.817.000 units.

      Summary defender(s)

      Metal: 646.300.100
      Crystal: 276.161.100
      Deuterium: -52.056.000
      The defender(s) made a profit of 870.405.200 units.

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    • Really sad to see you go! You were a great impact on the uni. You will be missed!
      "Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery, hmm...but weakness, folly, failure, also. Yes, failure, most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is.... We are what they grow beyond. That is the true burden of all masters."
    • So our super script user Contacted other Cheater C@nts and made no 1 acs HIT...
      Good job mate...
      Good job indeed.
      I really love this hit as it has 3 top cheaters of zibal in one CR....
      Enjoy the spoils $uc3er
      :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:
      1)- :love: Make Love
      :nono No Fight

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    • I get 90% deut from trade with common player by rate 2.4-1.3-1.
      and who is you saying "An average of 250-300k increase a day without any big hits is just"? Bad apple? :quote:
      you are lucky because my bc not home.
      If I haven't found other fleets,I can get at least 100~150m profit from farming other player's planet every day .
      I know you all, disdain to do get small profit just like 2m or 3m.I can spy 50 ~60 system,and find about 7~8 targets to farm,get 30m profit in an hour, when I finish hyper drive 15,I can rise 50% efficiency.
      At last, I must say good lucky,I hope there is no good player in your next uni :D ,bye,complaining player.

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    • Yeah sure ! We believe you , don't worry . A Good player needs a team of 50 accounts/players + / - by him , a ton of DM to keep 30% boosters everywhere, then run slot 15 even for the deut, buy +15 planet size increases left and right, then relocate as he pleases, DM Everything he wants, astro 16-17 in 1 second, 18-19 in 1 second while other players have to wait weeks to get it . I mean yeah thats not ur fault, u chose to spend thousands thats up to you.

      BUT ...Do not call your self a good player untill you are put in the same circumstances as the other players , i mean all you've been doing is being online 20h+ a day, doing spy and fly when people forget to FS , then farming planets , hell some of them even manage to ninja you as you can't even see it , forgive me for not seing the skill, all i see is countless hours of play and effort, and a TON of Dark matter.

      When things go 100% fairplay you can then compare urself with other players.

      Untill then , enjoy Zibal ... What's left of it.
    • The man who's smarter & more skilled , makes good decisions with his attacks, never makes mistakes, pulls off hard hits, yet knows how to farm properly and and and ... there is alot of things that could contribute besides DM and countless hours of play =).

      And as for bad apple , 100k a day is natural with economy boosters and slight inactive farming.
      • asdasdxzxzx.PNG

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    • we got 24 hrs in a day and can be on for 18 hrs max but in your case
      you have 40+ accounts farming inactives, mining and doing all sorts of shady stuff...and are online for more than 18 hrs daily....
      40*18 = 720 hrs daily
      Dude you are gaining more than 40 times of resources from your push accounts daily compared to others and you are talking about fair play and logics...
      Shame on you and you literally shame our area in front of at least in front of our ogame community <i am from east asia as well>...
      This is for @MercedesBenz the shameless cheating old man...
      :thumbdown: :thumbdown:
      1)- :love: Make Love
      :nono No Fight
    • MercedesBenz wrote:

      Equal time,equal team, equal money,equal energy,
      Then,who is the good player? the man who win the game of dice :thumbsup:
      The one who can do something other than use scripts to spy at refresh.You calling yourself good isnt even a good joke its just sad to the bone,you had to have army of alts to get in front and even then you still kept alts and played them with automizer(Governor Infrared,Senator Vela and probably more of others).
      You showed 0 skills cause all hits you got were spy and fly and you were able to do them due to being pushed to godlike and fact that you can play 3+ accounts at same time.
      So yea in a better world you'd be banned without vm but sadly its not happening so i hope you enjoy in uni played only by you and your alts
      :censored: and go learn to play fair way

      Mephi and yurga i hope you two didnt fill pockets with his dirty $

      You were within the rules up until that censored part. Warned for Insult - Clittle

      ex UNI 9

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    • i suppose when my ex-ally member bhj or whatever is his name gave your other cheater,iordias or what the hell is his name, my on off, and u lete me behind 300m ,was ok right?

      now i can see it was bhj!

      hell i was late 40 min after my fleet landed, and i couldnt even take df. this gu instantly attacked me on activity, cause he knew my on off.
    • Glad everyone gets the picture, that's all i want, it's a shame thats all i can say. Redemption big respect man, even tho you just showed up late you've been climbing crazy, and no i assure you, we would never get payed to get crashed . I smelled the ninja all the way i just didn't care enough to recall and eliminate the risk because as i said, its too late to do anything on zibal so if i get saved, and if i keep on putting all the effort i am putting, it will all go to waste, as it can't compete with the amount of cheating going on.
    • Can't believe you were silly enough to launch on him. He was always one of their minions. It's disgusting the level of cheating they're getting away with. Tbh i hope everyone quits the server and boycott the future uni's until these scum are dealt with.

      As for you mephisto, you were invited to join us in our hunt before and you decided to stand alone. So alone you can stand.
    • To be honest i even think Bhj is one of his accounts, how would he react so fast and gather ACS defend in like 5 minutes lol, ppl dont instantly reply and they dont instantly have a JG waiting for you to come to the aid . It was a 37 min launch and theres no way he could have ever guessed that i will return his 50k LF which i don't even have under my lanx coverage, so he couldn't have prepared for it, he saw it and somehow got the ACS Defend in no time , lmao.

      @@ Tony montana . I never stood alone, i was with Alastair all along, i woke him up myself the 1st time he got crashed, 2nd time i spammed his discord all along, but he was at the hospital , thought you'd have knew . Again you've thought wrong about me .
    • Mephistopheless wrote:

      The man who's smarter & more skilled , makes good decisions with his attacks, never makes mistakes, pulls off hard hits, yet knows how to farm properly and and and ... there is alot of things that could contribute besides DM and countless hours of play =).

      And as for bad apple , 100k a day is natural with economy boosters and slight inactive farming.

      Lordias 's economy points is 500K more than bad apple's . the point of Military points destroyed is 3.2 KK more than bad apple's.
      then bad apple 's points is more than Lordias .
      I know them ,Turkeys.
    • What is done is done and I'm saddened to see more good fleeters lost to all of this. There is no denying what is really going on here hell we should all just ban together and team view each other and all play 24 hrs daily.
      Na wont matter we are already to late next time maybe lmao.

      I mean its clearly within the rules of zibal.

      Bow down to the king your absaultly the best because you said so...

      Someone help zibal ban the hole uni anything is better than this.

      bow down to the king...

      In The End You All Are Potential Farms
    • Unfortunately with my respect to a few fleeters in the uni, to our bad luck those fleeters are not even working together , instead they are hunting eachother , and everyone is being crashed beside the people intended to be crashed.

      Thats what Mephi said, and thats what i told all when BTC was formed also ( but you have to try at least ) it is no use to even try launch om them, as there will be always 1 online and warn the others, or use teamview or whatever other program to make acs defend, as soon as attack was sent, acs was put in place.nobody is that lucky that 1,or 2 big other fleets are near enough, and fast enough and online to help out. We all know that, so most have given up on even trying, and what remains is to hunt "normal" players to have at least some fun and gameplay.

      What not helps is the fact that still too many players ( including my own alliance) seem NOT to know what FS is :( and get killed . and ofc they have the luck to be found by Mercedes:(

      If you want to get rid of you fleet then at least get chrashed by someone else then him, lol

      Shame again someone leaves the server, and zibal died again even more :(

      LOL, i see Merc talk about me, weird, he have nothing to worry about me, as i am just a small player compared to him and his friends, so i really do not get why i get the attention,

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