Changelog Lobby version 1.0.5

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    • Changelog Lobby version 1.0.5

      the Lobby version 1.0.5 will come to the PTS tomorrow, Friday 22th of June.

      The update will come early next week for live servers, the date and hour will be confirmed here, as soon as possible.

      The Changelog has the following lines:

      [ADDED] Sorting the tables are possible for a couple columns (except play button and country.)
      [ADDED] Change server runtime to days
      [FIXED] Length of email, changes the dropdown size
      [FIXED] "Your Accounts" not sorted by last played
      [FIXED] Button and arrow issue (display issue)
      [FIXED] Login don't ignore a space behind the email address
      [FIXED] Account list empty on lobby refresh
      [FIXED] revoke sitting, ends the sitting directly