Eco Speed Increase WEZN

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      Cokoladni of course you want an eco boost with one of the best ecos in the uni why wouldn't you lol.

      All jokes aside, I don't know if anything can revive this uni but happy to try a change. An eco change would be my preference over fleet speed for example.

      Although a merger would be my ultimate choice.
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      cokoladni wrote:

      Just curious if there is anyone interested in changing uni stats, if yes what ?!?

      Me personally, I´d like increase in eco to x6 or x7 , cos why not :w00t: :w00t:

      Id like a rule brought in to prevent miners from buying all the deut :P

      But on a serious note yeah an economy boost would be nice. The new uni looks like the perfect stats to me with 6 x Eco but also 3 x Fleet speed to give fleeters a little boost too. ALSO with the low amount of players in the uni coupled with a high amount of galaxies (at least compared to newer unis), a further deut cost reduction would be the easier option than reducing galaxies which just wouldn't be feasible. Yeah, i know, not asking much but would save the uni. People would be happier to rebuild instead of quit after being crashed.
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      I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone, but I'm in favor of an Economy boost. The higher the better! :)

      As for reviving Wezn, I'm honestly not sure what the best course of action would be. A boost to Econ and even Fleet with a Deut decrease as Fuze mentioned would probably be a solid start. However, I don't think these changes would solve the main issues causing Wezn, as well as many other Unis, to die out.

      The introduction of a new Universe every month or so definitely seems to be the biggest reason so many accounts turn blue. Why crawl and fight your way from top 100 to top 10, when you can start over on an even playing field with the opportunity to be in the top 10 immediately? But we can't really change this issue especially since new Unis are a huge money makers for GameForge.

      Additional features aimed at helping new player rentention could go a long way. The care package mentioned in a previous thread is a good idea, and one that we as players can actively implement, but I'd like to seem GameForge build them into Ogame. Maybe a large Economy boost for lower accounts to help them become/keep them relavent once the top players reach a certain point threshold.

      Ex: Top is at 10M points, so all active accounts below 15% (1.5M) of this score receive a 100% boost to Econ, and all active between 15%-30% (1.5M-3M) receive a 50% boost.

      The numbers can fleshed out, but the idea is what I'm getting at here. This could be a horrible idea, idk, just throwing out a suggestion, others are welcome to comment haha.

      Mergers seem to be discussed a lot, but I have no experience with them myself. If the majority of active account are reasonably close to each other between merging Unis, then I can see it working out well, but I'm sure this isn't always the case. I'll let someone who has experienced one first hand chime in with their thoughts.

      I don't want to derail the setting change discussion though, so maybe another thread is warranted lol.

      Either way, I'm all for some server setting increases, good idea Cokoladni!