people either cheat? or data mine?

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    • people either cheat? or data mine?

      so i've been in ogame for about 10-12 years or something and me and my friends have noticed something strange, mostly as of recent. (specifically of mostly either high ranked players or people who are up there) are using something to 'find planets' or 'find fleets' or 'find easy planet crashes'

      I used to play 10 years ago, you put a planet/colony out somewhere in 7-9 in a underpopulated universe you you expect not to get esp'd very often, but it seems like there's some kind of trend in the past few years with me/friends for cheaters to 'find stuff'.

      TLDR version: people cheat, they scan your planet once when you have 4000 satellites somehow and they only scan it once after 3 months of never being espionaged. if they aren't cheating they are data mining somehow, finding that i put a fleet on a planet that hasn't been espionaged for 7 weeks straight, first time i put my fleet there, i wake up next morning its crashed. no way this is always a coincidence, every time i do this for 12 years, no way, sorry.

      incoming wall of text:
      I say this for a couple reasons

      1) More than a handful of times, i've done graviton technology, ok so i'm aware of the risks.The thing is, it becomes really weird when every time you start out on a new uni, or build a new colony somewhere, you build those 300,000 energy giving satellites, that someone IMMEDIATELY 'finds/esp's you/sends a fleet to crash everything' like literally within 30 minutes after finishing the satellites. This is really weird cuz most of the planets i do that on, haven't been esp'd for days, weeks, even months for some of them.

      2) I find it very strange that when i'm trying to save up to build a couple of deathstars, a large fleet, or larger resource buildings or moving mass amounts of resources to fortify a defense (turtling) from higher rank players. So more recently, i've had this colony in a pretty quiet area ( no moons nearby no nothing (2 planets, not too noticable) that haven't been esp'd for 3 months straight since building it there. All of a sudden, probably maybe a hour, couple hours sometimes, i find that a rank 4 player with nothing in that area suddenly esp's the ONE planet that has those resources, and crashes it, bashes it and isn't banned.

      I just find that really weird. Ya know, like you put your fleet on a planet, that hasn't been esp'd for 3 months straight, no one with a moon anywhere near you (170 galaxies away) and you wake up to find this rank 3 just 'randomly' decides to scan your planet with graviton tech about to be learned, 4000 satellites or whatever,your fleet you 'just built, thats getting large', or your ammassed resources you sent to build the next x building or whatever.

      Just seems really bizarre. anyone have this kind of thing happen 'a little too often' from "rank 1-10 or rank 1-40" players very consistently?
    • 1. Data mining in general : board.origin.ogame.gameforge.c…hp/Thread/3927-OGame-API/

      2. solar sats detected FAST: This will come as a huge surprise to you maybe, but people at the top in new universes are very dedicated to the game. To the point that they check stats, yes! I know it sounds crazy but for some reason people check out every possible stat and when they see some lowly miner going up several places in military stats they act and you get probed and crashed. Second way is checking one of publicly available sites and seeing boost in ship count.
      Just a boy playing some dotes.
    • You are funny, you know why?

      1. This kind of stuff can be noticed in the statistics page.. when you build that amount of satsatellites in an early game - you will be noticed.

      2. This is just ridiculous. You've been there for so long and you expect that if it wasn't probed for 3 months, then it will never be probed? Or you expect it to be probed then you'd have like a week of notice before it will be attacked? Also, if you carry all your resources at that planet, your transporter can be spotted on phalanx.
    • @ merinor - I have not read such drivel and poppycock in an awful long time and I have been playing as long as you.

      I have never cheated in all those years, I just put in hard work every day. I use mmorpg-stat and probe and or watch people's habits etc. You can often glean info from what is not in a report just as much as what is. You can get info by watching activity without probing - you just need patience and a pen and paper. I don't even use a single add-on, preferring to use my brain.

      Fortunately for fleeters, people do not look after their accounts - you say you had a fleet worth crashing sat on an isolated planet and it got crashed - why did you not fleetsave????

      I play Betel mainly which is not a particularly active Uni but take today for example I probed a whole uni this am, selected targets of interest and 5 hours later checked them out. One guy was off and his fleet was sat, but no longer as my nanites are now feasting on it. Why when the #1 rank spots his fleet does he leave it sat and goes off I have no idea, except it wasn't the first time and no doubt it won't be the last.

      OK, I accept that some people cheat - it's human nature, but most of the long term top player do it by hard work.

      So, sorry, your mindless rant is just that!!!
      ~The strong take from the weak, but the smart take from the strong~

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    • @merinor, you should also know that especially in newer universes, where things develop quickly, it is common (at least for me) to run through all 5 galaxies at least 2-3 times a day, and extra times if there is a planet I can't find. There really is no place in the universe where you won't be watched, if an active fleeter is interested in you.

      Shifts in military points will be noticed very fast. Mmorpg updates your stats by hour, so any significant increase in points will be noticed immediately, even if you aren't in the top 50 (where all significant movements usually will be seen the moment they happen).
    • ok i'm not even gonna tag the peoples names, but if you speak again, insulting and not contributing anything, i block you on this post and on the forum permanently.

      You're contributing nothing to anyone by doing that.

      Point #1 A lot of players leave the game, quickly
      The way i see it is this

      20% of new players go inactive within 1-6 weeks of playing the game
      20-40% of new players who get to rank 300-700 quit within 1-6 weeks.
      Therefore 20-60% of players (with money) are leaving the game.

      The way i see it happens for a couple reasons. For me a lot of my experience was getting anywheres from rank 190-400 then finding out, i became a 'meaningless statistic' to some rank 1-50 player.

      Reason 1
      Played on UNI 1, UNI 2, and UNI 3 like 10+ years ago or something. One day, on my favorite account ever, i got bashed by a rank 27 player. I decided to ESP him with 1 probe, didn't see his structures, his research or even his fleets. 12 hours after that i started getting "not quite bashed basically until i closed the account, because it was unplayable (being hit 3 times a day by one guy, unable to fleet save anything, and being hit 3 more times by each of his friends doesn't let you play the game dude.). I eventually asked a clan mate of his "why is he doing this",,,,, he said "lol cuz he doesn't like being espionaged noob"---that response is a lot like the most of your guys posts, it drives noobs to leave when you get not only hostility and ignorance after you 'do something wrong', but it isn't worth playing or forum posting when people just insult you. I became a meaningless statistic getting hit over and over again by this guy, who refused to even respond to me even once, why he kept doing this.

      Unless you join a group that has 'high ranked players, that you have to harass constantly to defend you (they still won't, and will charge you for it if you get a HALF DECENT clan/guild).

      Correct? Or am i "wah whiny crybaby because am newb for 10 years??" no offense but you guys are idiots, you have no clue what you are talking about, i'm only trying to help the company. People with credit cards who buy dark matter are customers, people who troll on the forums are not, your opinions don't count and don't matter to anyone but yourselves.

      Most of you who've insulted me thus far for my "trollbait original post 10/10 stars" can get out and leave you have no valid points for helping newbs into the game, so get out or don't troll.

      Point #2 if just knowing when you can 'murder/silence' a noob permanently is fair, what is the point of making ads or trying to get new players?

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    • ok there's an edit limit, you know what i quit, you're right, noobs who get daily bashed 4-5 times by FIVE of some overly aggressive guy who's in a top ranking clan obviously don't deserve a chance.

      In fact, we should just ban noobs completely from the game am i right? because they don't enjoy it, anytime they post a complaint their just gonna get trashed by yall instead of giving me a decent work around, like yall COULD EASILY do. I mean i PLAY in multiple UNI's you could OBVIOUSLY offer help right? Instead of just insulting me? or yall gonna back out and stand by your insults to the grave?

      Seems ridiculous to just have one desire, to build some small colony, in some remote area and just see how high in resources i can get, but i can't no matter which universe you go to what game you go to it doesn't matter. You'll always have too many "lol noob stfu crybaby" players sitting on some guy who just wants to build a small series of planets that's it. I'm just saying it seems like in every single universe i've played in, as soon as you get to rank 200-400 there's no reason to continue once some high rank player 'magically uses a datamining website, so he can instantly find where you JUST made a new planet 4 minutes ago, and continue fleet bashing you 6-20 times a day on every single planet'. You can't hide in this game, i don't see what the point is.

      There's no fighting off a rank 1-10 player who sits on a statistics web page, and just watches everything you and your 2 noob friends are doing all day, there's nothing you can do but get dumped on. The guy has 50 THOUSAND battlecruisers or more, what am i gonna do? Spend my 5 mil a day in rockets and watch him send 2 fleets and 80% of them will be gone due to RNG?

      There's no point in playing the game when you guys staunchly insult anyone who says 'its ridiculous that i have to EVERY universes cuz i "insult" some high rank". Every single universe all the top 1-100 form a guild and they don't let ANYONE in, it happens every time they make a new universe and you CANT have a clan to defend against a rank one player cuz everyone seems to help him if you even try to acs defend.

      Yeah bete, i can understand scanning every single planet but this guy DOESNT do that, i HAVE FRIENDS who play, as i said and he doesn't touch them, he's using a data mining website to 'instantly' come up with information so he can do what?

      Crush noobs for fun, and not let anyone up, to enjoy anything other than the first 3 days of the game where you have 10 light fighters and 5 cargo, because beyond that point, in every single universe you'll always have some idiot using a datamining website to crush everything you got until you join a clan or quit.
    • As others have said already, FLEETSAVE!

      What makes you think you should be able to get away without fleetsaving when everyone else has to?

      Once you get hit, you are seen as an easy target. YOU need to change that.

      Being attacked is part of the game, finding new colony's and tracking fleets is part of being a good fleeter.

      Coming on the forum accusing people of cheating because they have out played you is not helping.
    • Seems like you have missed the incredibly important chapter on why people knowing your locations doesn't matter the least bit.
      Nor do alliances for the most part. I've been playing mostly solo, on the same account for 9 years, in a universe I started late - and I've still managed to end up #1 with a 200 million points lead. It is all about playing smart instead of being the eternal victim and blaming everybody else for your own shortcomings.
      56G TD, Top 1 solo
      61G TD, Top 1 ACS

      Kamil wrote:

      Authority and rules are created to be opposed :D

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    • ok what i'm saying is this... the game sucks for one reason: IF YOU MAKE IT TO THE TOP 400, ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU GET HIT WITH 200 DEATH STARS EVERY WEEK AT LEAST ONCE OR MORE OK?

      You can't really build defenses when someone attacks your base with 200 death stars twice a week, that's like hey i'll build a fortress so this guy can kick it over and i'll lose 30% of the stuff i built, no matter what, great!! lol?

      You can't enjoy having 'fights' or 'wars' with people because every time you amass a certain 'score' or number of 'ranks' or 'points' from your fleet size, you get another rank 1-6 guy who suddenly decides to send 4000 battlecruisers at some noob who had a hundred battle ships.

      And don't gimme this crap i play dumb or build defense or you can fleet save, you can't fleet save when this guy phalanxes you all day, or they build a planet and have a friend crash some cargos so they can phalanx your main base all day.

      Example: In XXXXXXX universe (where i'm playing now), i have this guy 'XXXXXXXX' (a rank 1-10 player) as soon as i hit rank 300, this guy started sending either A) 200 death stars (lol 1600 plasma turrets? i dont think i can even afford 300 in a week...) or B) 2000 battlecruisers, what exactly am i gonna do when this guy is online 24/7 and scans me 2-3 times a day looking for when i'm gone? or when an expedition gets back??? huh? noobs
    • Well make sure you have no res sitting, 10mil plus res is profitable with rips. So build more defense or when you fleet save send fleet out while you sleep. So when attacker probe he won’t attack due to no fleet to equal no debris field worth taking or daily harvest to take from planet.

      He can’t scan you if you have a moon
    • merinor wrote:

      And don't gimme this crap i play dumb or build defense or you can fleet save, you can't fleet save when this guy phalanxes you all day, or they build a planet and have a friend crash some cargos so they can phalanx your main base all day.

      If you are still fleetsaving with a method that can be seen on phalanx after 10 years of playing, I'm not sure any of us can help you.

      You don't seem to want to listen to the many experienced players that have explained what you could be doing wrong, and if you are constantly attacked you ARE doing SOMETHING wrong.

      Have you been sending colonisation missions out from planets by any chance? That would explain how someone keeps finding your planet as soon as it appears.

      If you are not sure on how someone has done something in particular then please by all means give us a detailed description of what has occurred and I am sure someone will be happy to explain it to you, but as I have already said - accusing people of cheating because you don't understand what is happening is not helpful.

      Oh and just to add, I have never 'charged' an alliance mate for an ACS defend. That's not what good alliances are about.
    • "You don't seem to want to listen"


      I CAN'T BE AT THE GAME 24/7

      i JUST went through 12 pages of espionage reports from rank 1-45 players, the account is 370. What do you not get exactly? YOU CANT FLEET SAVE when someone KNOWS you have a fleet that sits on your base most of the time, they can still watch you when you come around and when you are gone, and if I DO THEY DO OKAY?

      Getting attacked too much doing something wrong? I went up in rank pretty quickly, i guess that's the wrong idea, yeah once some of them see that they won't get much out of it, they stop attacking, but they come back eventually.

      When you move up 6-70 ranks in a week through higher brackets, they notice you pretty quickly and they start trashing you. I just had some guy send 200 DEATH stars at a rank 370, with 10 battleships...

      Why is it you don't get it. I'm FRUSTRATED because i CAN'T EVEN PLAY THE GAME BECAUSE OF HIGH RANK PLAYERS. You build a fleet, some rank 5 will smash it because it's 6 mil in resources. Got 200 plasma cannons? good he's sending 200 death stars and 4000 battlecruisers because it's 10 mil with the small cargos you just made.

      I can't even have a fight/war with one guy who picked on me from the start of the account because this guy follows the ONE base that i keep, either every day or every week.

      There's NO sense in building anything but plasma turrets when you get bashed the entire way from 600 to rank 180 by rank 50 players. They don't even have anything to keep them in check. -1000 honor? too bad the guy has FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND, the guy can do this another 500 times before he starts having to give a crap

      nothing you say or do is going to fix the fact that 12 pages of espionage reports, COMPLETELY DELETES all the reports i just made yesterday of inactives resources sitting / players i was wanted to smash getting deleted EVERY single day because some rank 12 idiot scans every one of my 8 planets and 8 moons, 3 times in one day, that's 3 pages from ONE guy, do you understand how annoying that is?

      If you MOVE UP IN RANK someone is going to hit you, you are moving into their turf, esp when you move up 6-8 ranks in one day, and are pretty high up, they LOOK at the stats i get it

      I KNOW you can fleetsave, when you are there from a moon, but when someone watches you day in day out, and knows you are hidding fleets on your moon, and you can't even build a single deathstar, even 50 destroyers without him or his 2 buddies crashing you and /loling in messages afterwardss, it gets pretty annoying you get it bimbo?
    • just get the point man, you still DON'T get it...

      you can't have fun when you can't even build a fleet ok?

      you can't have fun when you can't pay back the guy who was 2 ranks away from you from 800 all the way to rank 200, and beat you up the whole time

      you can't have fun when you can't pay the guy back, because he starts laughing saying 'lol why did a rank 12 attack you 10 times in a week, i have a larger fleet than you?'

      you can't have fun when the moment you build 20 destroyers (2 mil in res) [OVERNIGHT, HARD TO FLEETSAVE SOMETHING STILL IN CONSTRUCTION DUH???] and you get another rank 26 who destroys the fleet you were building to hit the guy back who just took your resources from a new planet

      hard to have fun when you can't do anything but build planet turrets and build rocket launcher (which by the way, you can have 300,000 rocket launchers, and it won't do a thing to a death star, you know that?)