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    • Dark Depresion wrote:

      Jesus f'ing Christ. I give up. Somebody else take over, or let the guy stew in his ignorance >_>

      U tried. Well done on being patient and investing as much energy as u did into it for as long as u did.
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    • I normally don't bother. Needed to kill a few.
      This was just absolutely hilarious.
      Just for the hell of it, everyone else is right and poster, you are not.
      I would just read this entire thread everyday while I played the game.
      It'll click at some point... or not
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    • Yoo

      Ok lets see what I can do... I'm mostly a miner and on x4 unis a riper, but I think I have the gist of the topic at least.

      Please keep in mind that english is my third language so there is bound to be grammar errors, although I hope they don't make the post to hard to read.

      Point 1: BC speed = more sucsses rate in x1 & x2 unis.
      In x1 and x2 Unis desis are more or less useless, because of that extra time that the desis have to travel produces more failed attacks and with the higher cost of flying desis as a main ship does not get out weiged by the lower cost and fire power, if you can't get there in time how are you going to shot them? But it's always good to have some desis sitting on a moon for a fast ninja JG.

      Point 2: Can't do mistakes
      But in x3 desis slower travel speed does not mater as much as in x1 & x2. The reason that desis cost so much higher because of the high rate of failure in attacks but when it's smaller the desi becomes more cost efficient as main ship but it's not at it's peek. Desis are like a crazy girl get good grip on her and there will be a lot of fun but if you don't have the control then she will be your demise, so unskilled players can't go for desis as main ship because they mainly use them for raids, where the desis don't get maximum profit (fly cost and losses don't give a good time:profit ratio). In x3 people still go for full Bc and Bs fleet, so you should go Bc desi, unless you are a really good fleeter then you will most likely become a bandit (by crashing whites) and that in it self will be trublesome, the high deut costs stops you from advancing further. So a fleeter that is doomed to ranked (100-50 ish) and on top of that as a bandit, you will be a big target for the top fleeters in your uni. So no room for mistakes in x3 but the one with true skill will have profits like mad (but you can't be rank 1 for long until people start to build fodder like no tomorrow, so you have to switch soon after).

      Point 3: Rips becomes a hassle and fs costs desis a fortune.
      In x4 (maybe x5 to idk) Bc become more or less nonexistent, unless they will be focusing on fast slapping smaller fleets (7 min inside system at hyper 5 in x5 and 12 min 1 system away), the strength of Bc is the speed that lands tens of minuets earlier than others is totally gone. Well you will also see a large amount of rips in these unis because of the fleet speed so another strength of desis becomes more apparent, to stop rips. 48 desis make a draw against 1 rip and 75 to win (same lvl tech). Bc win needs 253 to win and around 143 to make a draw against a rip. (all of that had 0,05% margin of error but rip vs Bc is so random that you can't say much about it). But this is not over for Bc. If the eco speed is low the desis won't have deut to fly solo so most likely they will be used as tankers for rips, low deut then more build someting that don't use it, RIPS. If you become a target with only bc and desis cost a furtune to fly, so a LF or bs heavy Bc fleet might be the way to go for fast fleet but it will get "SurpriseButtSex" by Rips.

      To summarize this abomination to a topic.
      x1 & x2 Bc are stronger mainly because that the speed they have gives them a bigger successes rate in attacks compared to desis, so the build cost is compensated by the BC after a few good attacks.
      x3 The same as in x1 & x2 but with the right skill a good fleeter can get into higher ranks with it but I don't think it can become the only main ship he will be flying.
      x4 The window that Bc made with it's speed has almost become a nonfactor but it's still in the game mainly because of that they are good against anti fodder and fast cargo slaps. And one of the uses of a desi becomes more prominent, rip stoppers.
      x5 Never really played on a x5 but the stats on paper just leans more and more for desis but more variebals comes into play so I'm not sure,

      So OP did you get your answer?
    • @JuliusTiberius

      It is this simple. and I will break it down so you don't try to think so hard.

      bc fast quik turn around for faster profits = more goodies you can take sooner

      Desy big bulky slow good against rips and other desys an with like hulk
      defenses to smash.

      Bc kill many many battleship braves. and light fighter braves.

      desy smash plasmas and gause like hulk boss.

      BC and light fighters together smash desys why 35 to 45 lf will kill a desy depending on techs. < if memory serves me right.
      but hey it was real fun before moons and rips. or bc. but that might be to complex for you to grasp
      or beyond the limits of most of our medications to explain to you. about bs and hf smash and grabs so.
      many players told you what the differences we're and why each is as important as the other. in a fleet.

      P.S. your not making any points buy degrading or insulting players here who have played 15 plus years give or take a year.

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    • Bc should be built as a part of a balanced fleet. As should destroyers.

      The person who stacks only one ship type will be obliterated by the person who builds a balance (and relevant to the target), utilises fire order and has foresight.
      Granted in a straight 1v1 fight BC v Dessies, the Dessies will win.

      But using fire order and a small amount of balance, the same cost in lf and Dessies will beat straight Dessies.

      This game is all about balancing your target and your fleet. The best outcome will always be balanced fleets and defences.

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    • Dark Depresion wrote:

      It is pretty impossible to specify further, because the BCs is literally the go-to ship for combats. BCs usually deliver the primary firepower in all fleet-vs-fleet hits (with the only, but noteworthy exceptions being having a need for a fodderwall to take on pure RIP or Dest-focused fleets).
      I'm sorry but this is just plain wrong. BCs actually suck hard in fleet-vs-fleet (I'm talking about the actual battle and not about pre-fight factors such as speed/deut consumption). Out of the BS, BC and Dessie the BC has the lowest firepower and is never to be built if you're going against an even (or stronger) enemy.
      The only benefits of BCs are their low deut consumption, their high shields and their RF, making them the go-to ship for Spy 'n Flys, because they only shine if you have sheer superiority. BCs are utility ships and you only ever need as much of them as you need to crash the average sitting fleet in your universe.
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    • TLDR

      To summarise:

      1) BC are the go-to whackamole fleet. If you spot something, just launch BC. Don't bother simming. Just launch the BC. They're cheap to fly, they're quick, and 99% of the time it turns out that all you need is BC in a hit. Once launched, you can then go as far as to look at the espionage report and see if the defender has many rips. If they do, send more BC. If they have too many rips for the BC you have, recall your BC, send destroyers/lfs instead, or... slow your BC and acs LFs.

      2) Destroyers suck. They're slower, they're more expensive to launch, and you get more bang for your "buck" with other builds you could do instead of building destroyers. I won't say what exactly because that'd be ruining the fun, but spend some time on a good simulator and you'll soon figure it out.

      look at the ship stats ;)

      3) If you can get away with it, don't even bother using BCs. Use CR instead. They're faster than BC. Sure they're more expensive to launch, but... they're faster. You can typically get away with doing so if the defender has "really bad" (or **** as some would say) combat technologies. Look for the difference between shielding technology of the defender and weapons technology that you have ;)


      To summarise the summary, it's all about that speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed

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