A nonsense GO story

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  • A nonsense GO story

    So a friend of mine made a clear and clean cargo hit. Later he gets a message from the Go that he has to return the ress, the GO writing/explaining in his ticket literally: "The defender wrote an "extension" for a trade when you made the hit and even => mentioned it on facebook<= that it is a trade. How can someone leave ress unprotected like that?"

    1. Nonsense: Can the defender write a ticket after he gets hit that he want's his resources back, cause it was in fact a trade?
    2. Nonsense: Can the GO use facebook evidence from who knows which accounts since I don't have a facebook for the past nearly 10 years, and does it mean he has the opposite team on facebook?
    3. Nonsense: Doesn't every Ogame attack has to do with someone leaving his ress unprotected?

    There is a 20% chance this message will not be deleted by an Admin, copy/paste it and spread the word ^^