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  • Help needed...

    I am a 83 years old man and i cant keep up with changes happening with ogame. I am not saying this to gain sympathy but my fellow friends who are 80+ can understand how hard it is now to keep up with changes.

    I am active in zibal but I was not aware of rule that we can not use some nicknames in ogame.
    Zibal is totally messed up uni where chinese people have 60+ accounts and they are pushing 4 of their main accounts using all those push accounts.
    We are trying to stand against them but we are only 5-6 people in total.
    Few days ago one of us got MDed and got crashed.
    In rage i changed my IGN to "Mr Adolf Hitler"

    There is one GO in that uni BlueEyedWolf (chinese henchman maybe) who banned me as soon as he saw that IGN (he doesnt see all that cheating and pushing) and banned me.
    I made a ticket and requested that i am not aware of that rule then he said that this was permanent ban but you were not aware so i am giving back your account.
    I got my account back and came out of V mode.
    Now my account had IGN "Invalid name" or something and i wasnt able to change it. It said "You can change your username once per week. To do so, click on your name or the settings at the top of the screen."
    Then next day i had to leave to meet my grand-daughter and i went in V Mode.

    2-3 days later i logged in and unchecked box that said "activate Vacation Mode" or something and clicked on "Use Setting" to exit V mode.
    Then the Pop up said "settings saved" and logged me out to Lobby.
    When i logged in again i saw My IGN was back to "Mr Adolf Hitler" and it still said "You can change your username once per week. To do so, click on your name or the settings at the top of the screen."
    I quickly made a ticket that i need help to change my name as soon as i logged in and found that i cant change my name.
    But now i got a reply for ticket that I am banned forever for using that name and i need to contact that GO's senior.

    I still dont know where is my mistake in all this. How do i even contact his senior?
    I cant understand. Please help someone.

    And that "GO's name is BlueEyedWolf"
    Uni is ZIBAL
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    Just a boy playing some dotes.
  • The main reason that stuff like that isn't allowed is down to German law - they can't allow such references (this is nothing new either, and has been around since Ogame started).

    As mentioned by the people above, contact the SGO about the issue on IRC, or hit on the "complain" button on the ticket system (which should push the ticket up to the SGO level), and link to the issue with Chrome that caused it.
    The next step, (or even the first / most important step), delete the auto fill saved within Chrome so it can't happen again. Click here for steps how to do so.

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  • I get you need help but for the future please do not come here accusing staff on favoritism.Tickets and IRC is where to go.


    Create username and password. Post you need an SGO or GO for the uni you play in. Make sure you go over the game and board rules.
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  • Anti- Sematic comments and users names will always get you banned. But I don’t think that’s your problem here. The way I understand it is you got banned once, you did your ban time and then you tried to change your name to something else but it auto changed back to the name that got you banned in the first place. While we can’t discuss bans on the board my advice is to contact an SGO or even a GA. If you don’t have IRC then you can always try discord. If you don’t have discord then hit one of them up in a ticket and a PM here on the boards and explain the situation. If you need help with any of the processes hit me up in a PM and if I can’t answer the question for you I’ll find the answer.

    I’m gonna close this thread cause it’s mainly about a ban in game, but seriously take the advice above.
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