Who's all here?

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    • Who's all here?

      It's pretty safe to say less than 100 of us are on this server. 50 of us playing in and out of vmode as we feel we have time to waste on a dead universe. Maybe 10 of us in the top 50 still trying to maintain competition with who is still playing. And the remaining 30-40 players who play with no care cause their in noob protection from us active members of this universe.

      So anybody want to start a headcount to give a realization of how dead this universe is...
      I can speak for my alliance which is maybe 3 active, and 5 of us playing in and out of vmode.... The rest are more likely gone or waiting for a merge.

      If we can have a head count I want to know how many of you want to protest and change our nicknames to relate to "we want merge" or "merge now" or "please merge" and see how close we can come to us to getting admin and GF attention to move us!!

      I am just barking, I need some help to start a bite.

      Anyone want to join a cause in the making!? I'll make the first step..... North Star = Merge US PLZ // in-game.. (Change our user name to similar to ask for merge.)

      MERGE MERGE MERGE!!!!!!!!!
      (Please keep this a peaceful protest, We will be closed otherwise)
      North Star