bullying players

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    • bullying players

      so as rank 3 currently in tarazed uni i have come across a few situations which i would like to share with the community and get some feedback on other peoples thoughts

      i played ogame for around 11years. first few years i was terrible ogame and got crashed lots of times due to not being online when fleet was down. i learned this mistake and now am a ogame master

      so now it is my time to crash people who leave there fleets sitting. and i have started to recieve some messages from these noobs

      mostly all the same thing, saying because i have 10-20 times their points i am just "bullying" them with my powerful fleet. this just makes me laugh

      am i the only one who thinks this

      1) if every1 played ogame correctly and safely and on time etc etc then there would be 0 attacks by anyone on anyone (this is because everyone fleetsave and everyone spends resources well and everyone has right defense for production etc etc)

      2) no matter if i was being hunted by some1 with same points or 10times my points they would never catch my fleet without a big mistake from me (mistake being waking up late or bad FS etc etc)

      so my question is this. why do people think that because i have 10times there points they feel like this is bulling? maybe they just need to accept they are noobs?

      thanks for the sig blackadder you nubber
    • did you think you were bullied when 10x stronger ppl attacked you? i dont think so

      at least I havent..because i was a kiddo of 12 years when i started playing [good old 13 years ago]
      so..its a long time to become a beast in this game..or a short time to become a semi-good player who knows to fs

      its up to those noobs to decide which way they wanna go - be a noob and cry, or learn the basics and start enjoying oGame

      'Stalno u kafani..ja sam nesto poput sanka'

      'Zaboravljamo heroje i junake,pamtimo samo loše likove'

    • It is bullying from his point of view. However his perception of reality isn't your reality.

      So you played harder, longer or better and because of at least 1 of those reasons you are bigger. You earned the ability to profit from him. You sadly are teaching him how to play ogame better. It's his choice to learn or not and repeat the cycle with the next generation in other unis.

      It's your job to educate him on how to play better. School of hard knocks is frustrating at time, but its a great educator.
    • I have found myself on the receiving end of those kinds of messages. There are times where if the person is respectful, I will give them tips if the reason they lost the fleet was because they left it there, thinking nothing was going to happen. If they simply overslept or couldn't make it, I just wish them FR and send them on their way. I have had a few complain to me attacking them when they had a ton of fleet on the planet/moon, acting like I was not allowed to attack them. Now it is those people who might call you a bully, I call them foolish and naive and REALLY out of sync with Ogame.
    • Yes, we all learned the hard way and now we suffer mindless messages and abuse when we pass those lessons on - not deliberately and not bullying.

      12 years ago I was nuked for daring to probe a pair of higher ranked players - I lost 600k points in a few minutes. I have never built defence since, other than enough to stop cargo raiders.
      I lost 3k Bcrs to a recall ninja soon after they were introduced - I haven't been caught since - not wishing to tempt fate.

      My approach in Betel is simple - I probe in the morning, I probe in the afternoon and if a sitting fleet is still there in evening, it ends up in my recs.
      I did this 2 days ago and got bombarded with messages in Turkish.

      Unfortunately people join Ogame thinking they have the divine right to play Sim City.
      They don't do their homework by reading up on the forum and the net to gain knowledge and they don't fit Ogame into their lives -rather they let Ogame run them which usually ends in tears and a rant.

      BTW even with the #1 account and fleet I still fleetsave.

      There is one of the most entertaing threads ever
      @ people either cheat? or data mine?
      where a victim of his own failures blames everyone apart from himself.
      ~The strong take from the weak, but the smart take from the strong~

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    • Vulcan_558 wrote:

      They don't do their homework by reading up on the forum and the net to gain knowledge and they don't fit Ogame into their lives -rather they let Ogame run them which usually ends in tears and a rant.
      You don't necessarily have to fit it in your life. You just adapt yourself to the playing style of your choice. Some turtle up because they don't see themselves having necessarily a fleet to go with it. Some raid with few ships against targets in their galaxy, put the res to use and then that's it for them. However imo, any miner/turtle/raider strategy requires eventual fleetsaving and I think that is where the forum, net and wiki page sort of fail. I think the best teacher in this case is watching a video on YouTube on how to PROPERLY fleetsave. Such like, "in the beginning", midgame, when you get RIPs, etc. Give them a situation applicable to real life. You have work at 9am, play Ogame around 5 pm so you set your fleetsave for 8 and a half to 9 hours. Something along those lines would work.
    • it annoys me like hell the way people miss-use the word "bully". almost every negative action by another individual is now perceived to be "bullying".

      true bullying is a sustained period of button-pushing which causes the victim to suffer fear, humiliation, and to be constantly ill at ease.

      how on earth can any of that happen within an on-line game?

      as for those who object to being hit by stronger players

      i find this mystifying.

      a hit is a hit.

      losses would be the same whether it's rank 1, or rank 101. do these people seriously expect me to believe they would be happier hit by a smaller player?

      whoever it is, stop acting like a baby. if you seriously think you're being bullied, go play something else.

      grow up.


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    • Bullying in ogame terms would be something like a player attacking another player (someone who never did anything to the attacking player or his friends) over and over again with no profit just to annoy him or get that person out of the game. I actually despise people who do this, ruining someone's game just because "they can".
      Anything else, war hits, profit hits, attacking someone that attacked one of your mates, is not bullying at all.