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  • AMNeSia wrote:

    @Asto Vidatu Why not? If a customer abandons the product, the product-maker has to fix it, right?

    But then, free players aren't customers, so that's that.

    And @version4, you can do better than putting up unexplained dislikes to anything I post. Please have something logical.
    im not sure how long youve been around but from the past decade ive spent here ive grown to known that in the end GF will do as they please, no matter what the ppl say
    they keep openning new unis even tho only those who failed in old ones start there
    thats a nice DM boost = $$$
    there are few good ideas about usage of lasers, gravs etc..even the hypertech increases the cargo space WHICH EOULD HELP THE INSANE AMOUNT OF DEUT USED FOR RECYCLERS but we dont see it implemented..lets not forget the 'leaked' jumpgate alliance system.or whatever its called thatd improve the game just a little
    Even this thread has had some good and awful ideas but we never saw any decent response
    And thats why most of us old timers stopped answering topics like these..yes many things could change for the better, may it be by few lines of codes or months of work
    but i dont see this game getting an upgrade.

    they'll milk us till its not profitable anymore

    'Stalno u kafani..ja sam nesto poput sanka'

    'Zaboravljamo heroje i junake,pamtimo samo loše likove'

  • This thread was started by the CoMa yonks ago

    So there was an expectation that there was more to it than a normal forum discussion.

    No feed back regarding that, so far.

    Slightly off topic, but there was also talk of introducing the possibility of using jump gates of alliance moons

    Which would be a complete game changer - awesome and scary at the same time.

    That came up in one of the news letters.

    Don't know if I would like that or not.

    Anyway, I suppose this thread will run and run regardless.

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