The V mode

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  • well yes, that's another point.

    if they insist on an attack ban, the un-v moded player should also be exempt from attack.

    which would mean he is sort of still v moded - but not.

    an attack ban is a silly idea. lets not entertain it.

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  • No, people v-mode for a reason would be unfair if they are busy and come back to be farms and purely because their account came out of v-mode and it was not by their own hand.

    The only change I would make to it, is increase the min time you can spend in it.
  • AGFS wrote:

    V mode should stay as it is !
    People should be able to play whenever they want !

    Active people already got eco boost in almost every universe, thats enought of advantage anyways.
    atleast when you may loose your fleet you go back to day 1. where as the Rest of the Universe may loose their Fleet, but only Drop a few ranks, where as most Vac Mode players Will Drop to the 2000's and be Back on the Forums Begging For a New account.

    i just Lost 500M,400M, 60M the other Week, and with in 5 days i was back to where i was.

    i do like the idea of a Longer Vac Mode so maybe 4 days minumum. that way to make these ISIS Tactics Less rewarding for them.

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    Claim you're just, killing woman and children
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  • So, I played Ogame on 3 unis. In March or April of last year real life issues made me go into v-mode until just around a month or so ago. One uni's account had been deleted, but the other two were as I'd left them. When I came back, I had trouble getting up to speed, so I would v-mode one account while I played on the other, going back and forth quite a bit, before I picked one to focus on. Since then one account has been active more or less the whole time and one has been in v-mode. While I do plan to play on both accounts when I'm more acclimatized to the game again, I can easily see that being a long time coming.

    Now, had I come back to find all my fleets and defenses destroyed, or had I had to deal with a lot of restrictions on entering and leaving v-mode while I was relearning the game, odds are pretty good I would not be playing, or potentially spending money again.

    That said, I think the idea TheJoker had about 'Peaceful Planets' is the best one in this topic. If people, particularly smaller players, had been able to use the resources generated by my planet WITHOUT destroying all my other hard work, I'd have been well pleased. It would be a way to be useful to everyone without excessive penalties to my self.

    Although some people may abuse v-mode, I dare say more use it legitimately. A change that penalises legit users is no way to fight the abusers. That's just making things worse for everyone.
    Perhaps someone could write up a list of exactly what they consider 'v-mode abuse', and we could try to take a look at those precise issues, without putting the boot in on otherwise innocent people.
  • i had a big account on a similar strategy game

    they had all sorts of restrictions on v mode, including the following:

    there was a limit to how often you could use it per year.

    it took 12 hours to come into force during which time you remained vulnerable - so no chance of using it in an emergency.

    there was a 12 hour attack ban on return, but they could attack you.

    you had to buy premium features to use it.

    in short, you were pretty much punished for wanting or needing time away from the game.

    and that's wrong.

    when my RL got busy, and my v mode allowance was beginning to run out, the account became a chore. like a ball and chain. in the end, i just deleted it.

    some people say v mode kills this game. i disagree. i think v mode keeps it alive for a lot of players.

    it's a game, not a job.

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  • Ya VM problems are a symptom of a bigger issue, the overpowering of MDs coupled with insta building and relos. "Fixing" vm is just a band aid solution. Id say either nerf MDs or insta building or beef up moons maybe make upgradded gravi increase the durability of a moon or maybe cap the MD percentage like MSes. Lots of viable options but GF im sure makes a killing off insta MDs and relos and altering VM won't hurt thier bottom line.
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  • Moon Destruction should be much more difficult to do, Even more so in speed uni's,

    Just go look around recently a hit where there was " We watched him and when he got off-line we launched over 80 waves of MD on three of his seven moons"

    Let be honest did that person stand much of a chance, Nope !!

    Maybe increase the amount of rip need to kill a moon,
    Rip Count1
    Moon Size8944
    Rips will be destroyed47.29%
    Chance of Moon Destruction5.43%

    Never should there be any chance on 1 Rip killing a moon ,

    Tackle the M'D issues and less people would have to Vmode be able to Fleet save,
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  • TheJoker wrote:

    Peaceful Planets start at 0 resources, and gain resources based on the energy/production settings/storage capacity of the planet when vmode was enabled. When scanned, they show as 0 techs, 0 ships (Solar Sats are active, but not visible), and 0 defense. Any particular Peaceful Planet can be "attacked" only once per 24h per player, and resources are collected at 100% for newbie accounts, 50% for accounts with eco score smaller than the vmoded account, and 10% for eco scores larger than the vmoded account.
    This so far, seems to be one of the best suggestions, although the "settings" can be argued.

    But outside of this, there's literally nothing to change the current v-mode system, any changes would change... nothing... It would do good in some areas but bad in others. It still would not please everyone, nor the majority for that matter.

    The Moon Destruction mission however should be nerfed by quite a bit, and I'm talking about this because this is one of the major reasons most people spam the v-mode option day after day.

    1 thing that costs 10mil(not to mention tha 5 to 1 M-D ratio) resources and wastes no deut flying, destroying a moon that can potentially have up to hundreds of millions of resources(buildings, not defense obviously) invested on is just pure BS and not fair at all. Far less so in speed unis and even less so in OLD speed unis where top 300 people can build up to 10rips a day on mines alone and with a few farms, 2x to 3x that amount.

    It should take, bare minimum 5 RIPs to have a chance to blow up a moon. This way, top fleeters in unbalanced(this is a key word here) Universes would actually think first before spamming MD slots to get even the most "average" of fleets to crash, and thus force the poor guy who tries to make a living and still play this game, to v-mode.

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  • all those players talking of MDs - agree 100 %

    for me, it's not so much the number of Rips it takes to destroy a moon. it's the speed with which an insta-gate MD lanx can be achieved.

    even in a 1x speed, it's under 5 hours.

    so, it doesn't matter how active or good you are ... it is entirely possible for you wake up after a normal night's sleep to find 4 or 5 guys in your system and its all over for you.

    and yes, that is the number 1 reason that active fleeters resort to V mode fleet saving.

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  • you can still survive a fs ( a fs) in speed uni but it just consumes time and you won't really play and watch galaxy....

    lol i even vmed fs in 2x jupiter hahah:D

    with all the extra features gf gave to us ( like 7x eco or so and rest stuff) maybe md formula needs some upgrading....have really no idea how lol in 5x for a big player 100% md in one wave means nothing lol
  • I think being able to V mode when you want is very important to all players. This isn't a job and at times RL requires our full attention.

    I also think people who jump in and out of V mode so they don't have to FS is beyond silly to the rest of the player base.

    Players should continue to be forced to V mode for 48 hours if they turn it on, however you should also be forced to stay OUT OF V MODE for 48 hours once it is turned off.. If you need to bypass this 48 hour restriction, then it costs 150k DM.
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  • Some suggestions to maybe put in combination of other changes.
    * Instabuild moonportal=take away this "feature"
    Aside of instabuild portal, build whatever the F you want with DM or bought/found Detroids and Krakens

    * Move planets with DM=take away this "feature"
    Do the old fashion way, wich works, I have seen in on HoF´s where its actually an achievment nowadays.
    "Hey, I didnt use a single DM or insta anything for this MD, hue-hue"
    It takes a lot more time and effort and gives the victim a standing chance to spot the attempt and mobilize.

    I mean you have implemented space dock to ease the pain for losses of fleet, didnt change anything at all, still fleetsaving with V-mode.
    I do get it why people use it but its also the main reason I dont play anymore, V-modepossibilites are just destroying it.
    Imagine, logging on return from "vacation" probe around, destroy a couple of targets with the mighty fleet. All done, resources home and now back to the shell.
    Its like being in any PvP game and be like "Woho, I shoot you and kill everything around me but Im in godmode so nobody will be able to damage me, yihaaa, lets rock cause this if fun!"
    Thats the feeling I get when seeing the v-mode being abused. And the reason is most of the time(I assume) the feeling of not being able to save the fleet and moreover the friggin cost of deut fleetsaving a huge fleet.
  • Arcticwarfare wrote:

    if you cant afford to fly your fleet, you shouldnt have just a Fleet, Just like a Home Loan
    Way to miss the point of my post. I merely tried to give reasons as of why people are blueshielding as soon as the time for being untouchable occurs, wich is always seemingly.
    And the 40,60,80 etc.% deut consumption unis seems so suffer from the same problem so I guess I should have leave the fleetsaving cost out of the post...