The V mode

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      sorry, yes. my reply to you was positive, but then i went on to say things i've said before. i agreed with you that the game should be fun and not a burden. whatever the rights and wrongs of v mode, the fact remains that this is a recreational activity, and if people want some time away, so be it.
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      Grimm wrote:

      The only change in vmode that is plausible is to have the planets of the vmodders, namely those that have been inactive for over a month, to, after that same time, be transformed into RAIDING PLANETS, pretty much like real Inactives, the planet would have all it's original characteristics, like mines, solar plant, etc, but without defence and fleet or solar sats, this way we don't have to deal with thousands of slots occupied by planets that belong to vmodders that have been away from the game for god knows how long that are not serving ANY real purpose aside from... just being there.
      Ofc after the vmodder comes back, if he does, the planet will transform back to what it was and with it's original defences-fleet there.
      This way NOBODY, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY has anything to lose and the people who farm and put their time in the game to do so actually get rewarded and the game progresses. Ergo, everybody wins.
      This Would be GENIUS! GF could even leave the defenses in place just so that we'd have to wear them down, but a simple snapshot of inactive V-moded accounts at the time of the merge would be all GF would need. AND THEN only need to reconstitute those accounts that actually EVER come out of v-mode. I get so tired of v-mode walk aways.