Can we get Highscore back? aka buildings, research...

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    • Can we get Highscore back? aka buildings, research...

      Hello guys!

      I realize most people don't care about this but I remember there being a list of the highest biggest buildings and research for Uni35. I'm pretty sure it can still be found in the archives, but after the merge I never noticed it come back on quantum.
      This being one of the most 'brutal' and 'oldest' uni's I thought it would be cool to bring it back and maybe tease some ogame newborns on what they should be having in their acc :P It's like watching the biggest battles take place, it gives us a reason to play. To try and achieve something.

      I've been playing this game for years, and honestly... I still remember those days when I was very young and learning ogame. This list is what made me dedicated towards the game, gave me a reason to play this game besides 'trying to get to top1' (dead dream haha) but you know. Despite the top1 being impossible in this uni for most, I think it is still possible to be in the top somehow; via this list.

      What do you guys think? Waste of time or should it be brought back?

      P.S. The list should be pinned