ExTop 10 - [TOT: 2.220.671.000] Heretic [AzraelZ] vs. Sovereign Trojan (A: 304.235.000, D: 1.916.436.000)

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    • ExTop 10 - [TOT: 2.220.671.000] Heretic [AzraelZ] vs. Sovereign Trojan (A: 304.235.000, D: 1.916.436.000)

      Rick Flair says WOOOOOOOOOO! 8o
      Guten Tag, Virgo!

      You thought I was just posting a bunch of goof ball stuff to be a goof ball didn't you. Yeah, you did. :gamer:
      Let us put something real on the board. It has been a minute since I got my last top 10, and the boards are wanting. :flexmuscles:

      Little back story. DEF is in system with New York, and NY like to give a poke and check him out. This poke revealed fleet on moon and nothing else was lit. He shared. I see shared espy. I see dark across the board. I got busy for a second. I see timer. I fire.
      That about sums it up. :rofl:

      Ded, of course, to AzraelZ! :beer: Special Ded to NY! That was all you, mate. Thanks for the share

      Let me introduce you to your new Top 2 Solo! :bday:

      THE :censored: NUMBERS! :freakout:

      On 27-08-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker Heretic [AzraelZ] :hail: :flexmuscles: :hail:

      Battlecruiser 30.000
      Battleship 10.000
      Cruiser 100.250

      Defender Sovereign Trojan =O

      Small Cargo 200
      Large Cargo 503
      Light Fighter 90.000
      Heavy Fighter 100
      Cruiser 19.800
      Battleship 8.600
      Recycler 105
      Espionage Probe 500
      Bomber 20
      Destroyer 1.000
      Deathstar 3
      Battlecruiser 3.400
      Rocket Launcher 200
      Light Laser 1.350
      Heavy Laser 500
      Gauss Cannon 40
      Ion Cannon 10
      Plasma Turret 11
      Small Shield Dome 1
      Large Shield Dome 1

      After the battle ...

      Attacker Heretic [AzraelZ] :this: :hail: :hail: :hail:

      Battlecruiser 29.862 ( -138 )
      Battleship 9.864 ( -136 )
      Cruiser 90.445 ( -9.805 )

      Defender Sovereign Trojan :chainsaw: :rocketlauncher: :missilelauncher:


      The attacker has won the battle!
      The attacker captured:
      5.484.119 Metal, 22.176.953 Crystal and 11.838.650 Deuterium

      The attacker lost a total of 304.235.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of 1.916.436.000 units.
      At these space coordinates now float 721.214.000 metal and 318.621.500 crystal.
      The attacker captured a total of 39.499.722 units.

      The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

      Debris harvested by the attacker(s):
      721.214.000 Metal and 318.626.500 Crystal

      Summary of profit/losses:

      Summary attackers(s)

      Metal: 520.338.119
      Crystal: 264.608.453
      Deuterium: -9.841.350
      The attacker(s) made a profit of 775.105.222 units. :vain: :vain: :vain: :vain:

      Summary defender(s)

      Metal: -1.248.407.119
      Crystal: -586.169.953
      Deuterium: -121.358.650
      The defender(s) lost a total of 1.955.935.722 units. :Vomit:

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      DEF was away for a few hours it seems, a good while after I hit for sure. Messaged hoping all was well. All was well. Just forgot.
      Things happen indeed, DEF. FR to you and GG

      Veni, Vidi, Vici, I Trolled, I Banned
      Don't get Marshmello'd!
    • Glad you got him mate. Lovely cruiser count too!
      In every job that must be done, There is an element of fun
      You find the fun and snap! The job's a game

      And every task you undertake, Becomes a piece of cake
      A lark! A spree! It's very clear to see that!

      A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!
    • Your on fire these days with the Top 10’s! To bad you continue knocking your self out though lol. Job well done and congrats!

      FR Sovereign Trojan!
      “War does not determine who is right — only who is left.”

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