Oclock discussion thread

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    • So does this mean I can set a reminder in game for when my fleet will be back, and it will then give me a notification at the set time I choose?

      If so, it’s not like it can be exploited because that is just like setting an alarm on your phone for when your fleet is landing.
    • Personally I think there is someone locked up in a small dark room somewhere who is only let out for an hour when he has thought up a spurious irrelevant useless idea to keep the programers occupied so they never get around to sorting the real problems.

      No doubt it will be another saga like the lobby
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    • Pointless addition to the game, exactly like the lobby.

      Why didn't they fix the trade/give away option instead?

      Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.

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    • piink wrote:

      Guys, this has been a lil personal project from a developer on his free time. We'll release the story behind it soon, but please, could you be a lil be more respectful?
      @piink i think the clientele of this game and those who actually spend money in this game to line the pockets of gameforge will be more respectful when staff and Gameforge start respecting the players wishes and respecting what they want from this game and in this game. I think when that starts to show then you will get the respect you are talking about.

      As the thread clearly says the players want:

      1. Mergers - Why because universes are Dying out
      2. Account trade/pass function in lobby - Because good accounts are going to waste or perma vmode or deletion killing universes even quicker.

      As community manager you know what the people want and its your duty to TRY and get gameforge to implement it.

      And kudos to the developer coming up with this clock tool. Can u ask him as his next project to help the Dev team with points 1 & 2.

      Thank you!
    • worst idea ever....

      when we are waiting for years... for new lobby... merges...etc... and than we see this...

      a weak player of ogame.. that certainly lost his fleets more than once.. decided not to let that happen again... so... his a developer... he has the right tools do do it... the perfect tools to create a SIRI that tells u when your fleet arrives... not needing to ENTER the game... u just have to wait for "SIRI" to tell u that your fleet is arriving............. perfect...... or maybe not.......

      worst worst worst idea ever.... if this is allowed... OGAME GAME OVER
    • pirate andy wrote:

      My feeling is that if this was an external script and not a developer pet project it wouldn’t be legal. How much it will really change things I’m not sure
      It would. UniverseView is tolerated and does these notifications proactively, OClock doesn't. You need to set up each notifications on your own, just like the alarmclock you would set in your phone.

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    • happy???? he creates a bot that tells u when the fleet is arriving... and we should be happy????

      ogame hit rock bottom

      if people don't understand.. why this would be bad for the game.... go play tetris or something... its better..

      he used his spare time to do it... and we are all still waiting for major changes in the lobby.. etc... that should be done months or years ago.... maybe use your spare time.. to do.. what u should have done when you were working.. and not completing the tasks u have for months