Oclock discussion thread

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    • anyone's that ever used their phone as an alarm; disgusting bot user. bots arent fully automated, this isnt fully automated. d i s g u s t i n g

      this literally gives you a notification on your pc or your phone if you were logged in there and managed to actually get it to save your reminder

      if anything they need to make the universeview feature illegal because that IS automated

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    • I was just reading the news thread about the merger because people have been discussing it then I saw a thing about OClock and I'm thrilled someone with coding ability had the same idea of using push notifications and wondered if they were open to suggestions about it?

      I had the idea when I first got a smartphone back in 2010 but don't really know how to code for them so the idea just buried itself in my head, but basically my idea was that every task that a player submits to the game also submits to a RSS feed (probably old technology now) for each player and then a smartphone app accesses the RSS feed with a login and the events are taken from that feed and trigger notifications in the app to alert you of upcoming stuff.

      It would have been all configurable like the notification can be set to five minutes before, up to an hour before, with multiple notifications at different times or no notifications for certain events and you could obviously delete some events etc. but I felt that a smartphone was something most people were going to always have on them after a couple more years and so they could get notifications wherever they are, without the need for an internet connection at that time (the app updates whenever an internet connection is available and saves locally), because lets face it most people aren't at a computer all the time.

      Are these things you're developing for OClock because I'd just love to see my idea come to life. You mentioned about it being on computers so wondered if it would work in a similar way to my idea and if you had the programming knowledge to do it as a smartphone app also, so you could make it? :beer:
    • I'll put my 2 cents in & say the only time I log back in is when we all get log out at 02:00 game server time every day & from that point on I dont need some crappy feature like the Oclock when I can look at my smartphone every 30 mins or so to check up on what come back before it land!!!! So to the developer that thought of a useless featured like this even on your spare time clearly you not using you smartphone enough to check up on you sloppy play is why you lost fleet!!! Hell if I forget to check up & for some reason I lost everything it be my damn fault for not remembering & whoever the attacker is deserve the reward for going for it!!!
      Life a bitch so get used to it :)