Gameforge's data leak

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    • improve wrote:

      oh no some1 knows my email account.......oh no some1 knows my ip address......oh no some1 knows my board login info.

      am i bothered? no not really. my board account and game account have different pass.

      people on here acting crazy over an email address and IP address.

      if people want to know my ip address so they can come to my house......i will get the bbq ready
      unfortunately, it sounds like you don't have enough life experience yet and were never taught the dangers of the internet.
      You most likely still live with mommy and daddy, they pay your bills, and buy you dm and vbucks to keep you entertained.
      Your email address and ip address, are part of your confidential data for a reason.
      Many people use their names on email addresses.
      Using them and your ip address, finding your actual address wouldn't be too dificult.
      Have you ever heard of swatting?
      Its when someone gets hold of your personal information and then makes an anonymous call to the police giving your details and stating a serious crime has occurred. Now, I know this is a bit extreme, but it's the extent people go "just for fun" when they have your personal data.

      Being a married man with a daughter I have the responsability as an adult person to protect them.
      The last thing I want is for someone to know my personal information and to "come around mine for a bbq."
      Educate yourself a bit more before you come here and spew your delusions and try to flame everyone that actually understands the possible consequences of this leak
    • my email address is

      any1 is free to email me, but i only use it for ogame so i dont care.

      i have a wife and 2 sons age 10 and 5, so yeah i still live with mommy you noob

      i was simply stating that people get hyped up about online stupid stuff, people need to learn how to play games on the interenet. if my bank gives my details to some1 else then i will complain

      but a game......i mean come on you noobs

      thanks for the sig blackadder you nubber
    • As I said before, your email address might not identify you. Good on you.
      It might identify others. So just because this is not a problem for you, it doesn't mean it's not a problem for others.
      As an example, if your bank account details get leaked, I could not care less.
      See? your big problem would not affect me in any way, shape or form.

      Just because you don't see something as an issue, it doesn't mean it's not an issue for others.