Top 03 - [TOT:] unclesam_4liberty [RIO] vs. Seitt [Gears] (A: 10.615.832.000, D: 69.545.249.000)

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    • Top 03 - [TOT:] unclesam_4liberty [RIO] vs. Seitt [Gears] (A: 10.615.832.000, D: 69.545.249.000)

      As always, the hit is dedicated to RIO Ladies and RIO Lords
      and to my deut suppliers that make these hits happen!

      And as always, my big real hits always come with an interesting story for when youre in the bathroom taking a dump.
      Although donno if you can call it a real hit if its just a peppa kaldor spy, mobile, and fly. meh :biggrin:

      First I want to say that I didnt hack Blackmass's account to take it out vmode!! it was the damn russians this time!!!

      A long time ago, blackmass got his account hacked, which was one of the primary reasons as to why Suicide Squad(UNITY) decided to leave the game and suicide their fleets.
      His account points got restored with a bunker on one of his moons. I believe it was about 76b in defenses.

      Anyways, I spotted his fleet a while ago before he vmoded for ages! I mobiled in on him just in case he ever got out of vmode ill be ready to fly if he was idle. My mobile has been there for a long time. Until the other day when he came out, but moved the fleet to another moon thats not his bunker.
      Today he was dead off, I mobiled in and flew.

      I already know what my haters will say... yes you!... art easy...wait...arteezy... there you go.... gonzo's boot licker tony montana... and that other trash grimm.... go join a new uni and build a metal mine...
      I can already hear your faces..... it was an organized push! Why wasnt his entire fleet on the bunker? Cry all you want noobs. The hit is legit.

      arteezy wrote:

      You are the noob. You hide behind the big fleets, you just threaten.

      You're so comfortable because there's no competition.

      I'm doing a lot more than you with my little fleet.
      Meh... all I needed was 6 and a half mins.. not much to say to you... youre just.....meh :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

      Grimm wrote:

      Now this is being a good sport.
      Got crashed because he got distracted or didn't had time to attend to his landing and instead of threatening the attacker to the point of making him leaving the game like an angry frustrated kid, he actually congratulates him and goes on to rebuild his fleet back.
      Not everyone in RIO is bad.
      Only their top brass.

      unclesam wrote:

      not my problem you all decided to quit the universe by your own choice is it? smh
      So basically you just admitted that with the competition around, you would fail to get those military points... So how is that anything to brag about?
      I was never afraid of competition.... go ask your master tirnoch.... he was doing a recalled deploy hit on a german player... i got out vmode and stole his hit.....and it was pro angel, kaldor, and tirnoch when they were on their prime vs me..... 3 on 1 and i still stole their hit.

      @Tirnoch I think I would need to give 30% of the profits to Legio and Shard and Joy for moral support..... 60% of the profits to War machine cuz its his account... and well oh yea!! I have to merch and convert the ress into metal and deut and trade it to war machine at 2:1:1 since he is my master. lol.... what does that leave me with? lol... i guess this is the price you pay for playing his account lol.... NOT!

      Another 6,649 RIPS for the record :thumbup:

      On 18-09-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker unclesam_4liberty [RIO]

      Light Fighter 5.000.000
      Battleship 1.000.000
      Destroyer 1.000.000


      Defender Seitt [Gears]

      Small Cargo 7.954
      Large Cargo 36.562
      Light Fighter 122.963
      Heavy Fighter 42.004
      Cruiser 1.848
      Battleship 3.608
      Colony Ship 19
      Recycler 19.301
      Espionage Probe 38.327
      Bomber 11
      Destroyer 157
      Deathstar 6.649
      Battlecruiser 11.713


      After the battle ...
      Attacker unclesam_4liberty [RIO]

      Light Fighter 4.718.912 ( -281.088 )
      Battleship 948.842 ( -51.158 )
      Destroyer 948.624 ( -51.376 )


      Defender Seitt [Gears]


      The attacker has won the battle!
      The attacker captured:
      114.116.872 Metal, 21.840.674 Crystal and 103.213.147 Deuterium

      The attacker lost a total of 10.615.832.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of 69.545.249.000 units.
      At these space coordinates now float 16.433.202.800 metal and 12.575.092.400 crystal.
      The attacker captured a total of 239.170.693 units.

      The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.
      The attacker(s) captured the debris.

      Summary of profit/losses:

      Summary attackers(s)

      Metal: 10.319.385.672
      Crystal: 8.979.675.074
      Deuterium: -667.426.853
      The attacker(s) made a profit of 18.631.633.893 units.

      Summary defender(s)

      Metal: -34.969.189.872
      Crystal: -27.842.313.674
      Deuterium: -6.972.916.147
      The defender(s) lost a total of 69.784.419.693 units.

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      If you can't be a yardstick, be a ruler. If you cant be a ruler, be a king.
      RIPS KILLED: 70,340

    • you're funny sammy

      maybe you and your master should try not failing every other uni you start
      try winning a uni without buying out the competition then we can talk :)

      other than that yeah, try not taking those numbers too seriously lol
      Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.

      Developer of AntiGameReborn - #1
    • As I said in game congrats Sam this was my own fault . and did not need to be out of v-mode meds and recoving still really don't have the energy to be on 24/7 in quantum yet. getting there the hit is fair and legit great work on Sams part my future involves rebuild rebuild and raid raid raid mine mine mine. sam can share my in game message to him. about the hit enjoy the spoils Sam more hf is what you need :P
    • Nice hit Sam ma boy! Keep it up :D

      Blackmass, FR

      Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.

      Arhangelo/Saw: u are too dangerous.. even while moon shoting

      Flops of the Century:

      RinTinuNinu Poor 20.543.567 -75.388.042
      Karma Closed 15.952.274 -61.024.373
      Venku Ordo Closed 36.238.268 -17.684.415
    • Thnx every body I will recover. in game and rl the later may take a little longer.
      and yeah outstanding profits I gave away :P
      again congrats Sam. good work and job.
      any who I think Iris has a pick of what I had removed if the good @Iris would post it. and yeah you can see my heads empty too 8o