The Taco Stand new top ten hit (19.863 bil damage, 6.4 bil PROFIT)

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  • The Taco Stand new top ten hit (19.863 bil damage, 6.4 bil PROFIT)

    @Taco Stand

    I'm calling on you to post the hit. Whether you fell asleep, forgot to fleetsave or were caught in a terrible storm, such a crash deserves public attention. Especially since it's a solo top 10 beating out the heisenberg vs nastynate hit.

    And yes of course Bibas is forum banned -- and rightfully so -- but taking advantage of this and hoping nobody notices your destruction is a sign of poor character and cowardice.

    Post the hit. Own it. It would be a damn fine accolade for respect. It's just a game after all.

    The same goes for all those other fools who would fight to prevent this hit being seen, simply out of their contempt for Bibas. Ask yourself whether you would rather suppress a fair hit out of spiteful malice, or advocate the hit impartially in the interest of positive community activity.

    If not, post your snide comments below.

    Warned for breach of rules.

    - Marshmello
    Merchant dark matter abuse ends at level 20 storages. Come get me.

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  • those of us who were curious have already seen the CR.

    taco has not been a coward in that respect.

    that's about as much as you can expect, requiem. a banned player cannot post his hits. end of story.

    me - i'm neutral towards it. I'm not best friends with bibas, as everyone knows. but on the other hand, i am no great fan of taco stand either.

    btw, isn't this double standards from you, @Req

    you freely admitted to reporting me when i tried to draw attention to carbon's hits.

    yet here you are, doing pretty much the same thing.

    i haven't reported you, btw. i don't get my jollies pushing the report button every five minutes.

    happy gaming anyway :D

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  • Well he should of thought about that before he got banned from the boards... :rofl:
    I guess he is now paying for his board bans :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
    And everyone who actually matters knows about the hit... We dont need to see it in the forum :P
    Guess He will just have to stroke over other ppl's HoFs and none of his :rofl:
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  • I gave out the cr in game to many people. Even the people I don't see eye to eye with. I could care less about posting it. I congratulated Bibas on the hit.

    Why couldn't you ask nicely? That respect thing is a 2 way street. So, I will show you respect in kind. Go f*** yourself.

    The Cowardly Taco
  • Taco shared that cr to everybody that wanted to see it, I've never seen a player take a hit so well, given the magnitude of the hit the fact that he took it so well is a credit to him.

    Well done attacker, no denying it was a jaw dropping hit.

    FR, Taco. We'll tear uni1 a new a55h0le when you're not so busy in rl and you'll be rebuilt in no time
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