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    • The merge is coming!

      Dear community,


      We have been working on them for a while now and we can finally say that we are almost ready for them.
      Keep an eye on the forums, we are going to do the merges in October!
      The exact dates will be published later on, but for now, after some weeks matching servers, we can also tell you which servers are going to be merged.

      Also, keep in mind that for this merge, ALL accounts are going to be merged (no matter if Vmode or inactive). The accounts that did not select a server during the selection phase will be forced-merged into a random target (depending on the server capacity).

      Here is the plan for this community's merge:

      Group Exodus Universe Name Target Universe Name Changed
      1 118 Rigel 1 1 fleet 1x, eco 5x
      120 Taurus
      130 Deimos
      132 Fidis
      137 Kallisto
      2 123 Wasat 122 Vega fleet 2x, eco 7x
      128 Betelgeuse
      134 Hyperion
      139 Unity
      140 Nusakan
      142 Polaris
      143 Quaoar
      149 Wezn
      3 136 Japetus 147 Uriel fleet 3x, eco 6x, normal bash-, sharing- and pushingrule
      145 Spica
      131 Eridanus
      4 133 Ganimed 129 Cygnus fleet 4x, eco 7x
      138 Libra 141 Oberon
      146 Tarazed
      135 Izar
      144 Rhea
      5 151 Yildun 150 Xanthus 6x fleet and eco

      We hope these are good news for you!
      Happy Merging!

      Your Team

      Note: we are aware that for some servers there is a demand for server setting polls to change settings from old servers.
      There will not be new polls until the merge is finished.
      Please, keep in mind that for a while after the merge, the polling systems won't start as we need to handle and close first any merge related topic.

      "Let me be clear as I can be: In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. It's not cool to not know what you're talking about."

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    • And here are the other dates:
      Phase 1: Target selection starts on Tuesday 16th and runs until Monday 22nd. No acc merges during the first week, just target selection.

      Phase 2: Merge running from Tuesday 23rd until Monday 29th of October.

      Keep in mind that we don't have a list of alternate/secondary targets yet. So you don't need to delete accounts yet if you 100% want to get into the current target unis. You also can still select a targetuni in Phase 2, so you have plenty of time to delete your account in a targetuni if really needed.
      If you select a target within Phase 1 and don't unselect it, you will get merged into the new uni on the 22nd.

      Edit: We know that the dates don't match the previous, we will clarify it on Monday

      Dates are now corrected

      Board Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief

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    • New

      The settings of the following universes will get changed tomorrow, 17th of October, at 11:30 CEST:

      Universe 1: Ecospeed increased to 5x
      Vega: Ecospeedincrease to 7x
      Xanthus: Eco- and Fleetspeedincrease to 6x

      It might take up to 30 minutes for the changes to become effective.

      Board Admin
      OGame-Tech Chief