Event server with dark matter abuse!

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  • Event server with dark matter abuse!

    Just think for a second people, we all started this uni together on the first day, we watched as one guy sprouted out to over 2k points while we had 47-50, the next day we saw 2 or three more people sprout out with the dark matter insta cash charge machine up to 1-2k while the #1 guy was at 10k points, then a few more on the third day but below the top 20 all the points where really close still. Question this, if I owned this game and wanted people to spend money and spend lots trying to catch me, with 500-1000 people playing, would it be worth it to spend 1k (500 Euros) on dark matter and then have them all spend 200-300 dollars trying to catch me, all for a $250 keyboard. Until all the guys in the 50-100 rank range are bend and know after 1 week they cant catch up, and the guys in the 100 down spots have all gone vmode and are to weak to even think to attack anyways are gone to the top 50, the guys in the 20-50 zone become targets for dark matter lanx which pisses them off because they all played an honest game, but those top 20 guys now that have spent a total of $30000 dollars combined all compete out for a 50 Euro dark matter coupon while the owner is already playing on the keyboard he bought himself on the company account as the winner of the event! And the 10-20 rank range get to say they finish close to the top for how much money?

    Why OGame is becoming a dead game, but we have no voice here about the game and no say in it's future and those of us that are still around after 16 years are saying ... WHY? :youcrazy:
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  • I agree with everything u say, however, definitely from a very disadvantaged position but, there is still a way to compete. 1 way is to consolidate some experienced fleeter alliance and crash those abusers 1 by 1 using coordinated team work... no good player, i assume, would waste that much money. I play here with the name "PoluTrusik" as of this writing I am top 3, I spent total of 10 euros on DM - to get officers and small initial boost...together with the help of an experienced player(s) we were able to crash some of those abusers... To be fare DM event helped a lot I was able to farm probably 200k+ DM allowing me to keep officers and some booster items. Having said that game is definitely profit oriented and in need of dire improvements, for example limiting DM use to only few features like officers and maybe research time reduction or something of the sort should be a good idea. definitely no resources should be sold for DM.
  • 123456789 wrote:

    oh if we just spent 10 euro meaning we not doing anything wrong because got others spend more. how about the others like me who spent 0 euro compare to you Polu :P
    I respect that. However, I realize that this game will always some commercial aspect to it meaning there will always be money incentive, the question is how to limit it and prevent game becoming spending contest:)
  • The biggest point is simple things, 6 days into an event server FOR PRIZES and guys have moons with lvl 4 -5 lanx already, 6 DAYS! Some of the miners are building their first few cargos at this point and these guys that buy dark matter have them locked with massive(BOUGHT) attack fleets and (BOUGHT) lanx, it is already 10x Economy and then we add insta build for those with enough money?? I am thinking that if this is an 'EVENT' for the 'BIRTHDAY' of OGame, then the rules should go back to the BIRTH of the game, even merchant and the seven day dm event df fields, even the krakens and detroids and such but no dark matter purchasing and no insta build everything for a buck when there are cash prizes on the line. The guys that are used to spending $100(50Euros) and getting 25% bonus, they spend $200 and win a 50Euro card is a bonus.

    Just sad that Ogame has come down to this, and that the guy that spent the most money will win the contest!
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    Uni 1 retired, Uni 35 retired(DMA)
  • Side story... i use to play magic the gathering tournament about 1/2 a life time ago, when i started i was doing Jr tournaments for 16 years and under and the prized were about $15 in random packs..
    i seemed to be the only one that had a job in that age range, and access to people with ebay so I spent more money on my decks then anyone there, or in my group of friends or even other school mates who played at lunch, and rarely purchased booster packs in anymore so the prizes were pointless to me, and yes it was not fun to play versus me unless you were an adult who spent money like i did..

    but i liked playing even if i knew i was gonna win, even if i didn't need the prizes, it was my money to spend and i did...
    there is a lot of "money will win" in life not just ogame..

    side note doesn't the event server get deleted after its done..or does it get merged with something..
    im under the impression they just go bye bye, where i don't care about them in all my years playing ogame i never wanted to do the start of it again
    so if they do disappear shouldn't you be laughing at the waste of money.. no one remember who won any event in the past so it's not like hes going for fame or anything...

    now if there;s bank fraud to pay for his points that;s a different issue

    Best 15$ spent for no one to understand it when i wear it:

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  • Pay to win noobs will fall inevitably. It just takes time. On an event server, there is no time, and therefore it is pointless to play. In Cosmos, the #1 fleeter (and DM abuser) got crashed one day and the next day he rebuilt even stronger - with DM. But he will fall again and then his loss will be too big to recuperate.
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  • hooded wrote:

    and yes it was not fun to play versus me unless you were an adult who spent money like i did..

    but i liked playing even if i knew i was gonna win
    wooow, you must feel great then when you won LMAO

    they invented words for this, but I cant say this here, cause I dont spent money on DM, so I will get a ban for using those words...
  • some of these dm abusers are probably ogame staff. they get paid in "coupons", so if they save some up, wait for event server, then they will be guarenteed a "real" prize for their "hard" work??

    think about it, be a admin/GO for a year........save coupons for a year........know an event server will happen once a year.......spend their coupons on the event server......thats why the names on these DM abusers are never any1 we know of.

    similar thing happened in tarazed. dude got rank 1 using DM.....had a strange name, unrecognized. then after some months we learned his true identity........he was some noob player by the name of SIF