So are Moons broken?

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    • So are Moons broken?

      My alliance buddy and I are a little confused. We've traded over 20 moonshots between us over the last couple of weeks including during the 40% event. All done with our own fleets and none of them successful. Are moonshots broken? I find it statistically improbable that we could fail to get a moon between us. On top of that my last 10 or so 20% hits have yielded no moons (Not that I care about them). I'm about ready to call foul on this.

      I've had bad luck before on moons, taking maybe 10 shots to be successful, but this is getting ridiculous. I'm returning from a long stint of not playing so is there some mechanism that stops bandits getting moons or something? I would appreciate some sort of response on this from a dev or GO

    • I've not willing to trade 30 shots to get a damn moon. Playing as fleeter is stupidly difficult now with this 3:1/5:1 retreat rule, honour-point rubbish and is made magnitudes harder without one, so whats up? Do we have to pay the DM price now before we can get one? Do we have to line the company pockets now in order to play at a level that doesn't involve the risk of getting rekt each time I send out an attack over 10 systems away?
    • The same way some get a moon on the first shot, others will need dozens of tries. It´s called statistics. And since thousands of players all over the world are making it work, I´d say the system ain´t broken, it´s you who gets pumped up fast. Keep trying dude, 50 if need be. That´s Ogame.