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    • Hey guys,

      I'm Obiwan, I'm french, I'm 20, I'm handsome (and single) and I've played Ogame since the beginning of the universe Japetus.

      Now the subject of this thread may seem weird, but I'm actually a professional insect (bug) breeder and I like to blog about it.
      I teach people how to keep bug or other weird creatures as pets but I'm also eating them.

      By now you've probably heard bugs were a sustainable alternative to meat and everyone is going to be eating them soon. You might be disgusted, might not believe it, anyways, I'm not forcing you to love bugs like I do, I'm just sharing my passion and hoping to spread some love, or at least some knowledge and understanding so people can make their own opinions.

      Now I'd like to share my current projects with the Ogame community because I can relate to you guys, and I'm hoping some of you will take the time to give me some feedback !
      Here is my main blog (in french) you can google translate it : www.insectes-et-compagnie.com
      Here is the same blog being translated bit by bit in english : creepy-crawlies.com

      I recently made my own first podcast, and I'd like to have your opinion on it.
      Podcast number 1

      Now I have about 50 readers per day, but not much feedback, so litterally any feedback would be great ! The content ? The graphics ? My voice and editing skills ?
      I hope you can appreciate it even if you're not fond of insects.

      Thanks for the attention, and I'll be seeing you soon in the HoFs at merge. :)