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    • Affected accounts/characters:


      When does the bug appear?:

      after the merge begin 23.10.2018 17:19:18

      Detailed description of the problem:

      My account is merged from Unity to Vega uni.

      when I log on Vega, I found my account was killed by others.

      But I played Vacation Mode !!!!

      what is happen to me ?
    • We saw this happen with accounts merged to uni 1.

      My current theory is that if you were in VM before the forced vacation mode was activated then it spat you out at the other end as an inactive. Make a ticket in game and they should give you your stuff back.

      Eventually the accounts were put back on vacation mode but if fleets were already launched it made no difference
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    • lets be clear about this

      everybody knew it was a game bug

      we saw accounts un v moded in universe 1, and yes - we could have crashed them.

      but it was a BUG

      and we would have had to return the resources and possibly face a ban.

      if anyone is claiming they didn't know it was a game f*ck up, they are LYING.

      put your ticket in, hanhan.

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    • What happened to hanhan was a bug indeed and the ones who profit from exploiting it should face punishment - it is in the rules. Just as it is a BUG that caused some of us to have ress VANISH from or colonies, ress that we HAD before the merge "started". Day 2, we are still not merged, our accounts put in VM, our boosters and officers running, ress vanished...
      Not sure if we should also make a ticket about refunds of vanished ress. Maybe?
    • Can someone share the CR, please?

      As mentioned by @NoMoreAngel

      NoMoreAngel wrote:

      if you got crashed due to the missing vmode, you will get your losses replaced.

      will the resources be returned?

      Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.

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    • I merged from Wezn, and lost an entire Impulse LVL went from 16 down to 15, but when i first logged on it showed my account only 3 days away from finishing lvl 17, of course (stupidly) i tried exploiting the bug and DMed it to completion , and it gave me LVL 15 instead, i have submitted a ticket , i wasted 200K DM but surely that is enough punishment, isnt it? , someone in my alliance says he has lost 2 lvls of astro
    • I played vacation mode on Unity uni very long time.
      Recently only landed once, chose the merge target Vega uni, and still in
      vacation mode.

      At about 23.10.2018 10 o'clock, I received a mail notification of Migration successful.
      But I couldn't see the target server Vega uni in the ogame lobby.
      So I only wait it.

      About 13:40 o'clock, I loged on Vega uni.
      I found that I was still in vacation mode, and I can cancel the vacation mode at any time.
      (if the player set vacation mode, it will be an 48 hours countdown).

      But I was surprised to find that there were many messages in the game.
      From 23.10.2018 10:19:15 to 23.10.2018 13:27:06 period

      I've been attacked a lot.
      I lost all my fleets, about 73B.
      They robbed all my resources, about 6B resources.

      This merge let me lose everything. This is not my fault.
      I need to restore all my fleets and resources.
      And give some compensation.

      These attackers use merge bug , gained about 44B profits ,about 4.4KW point , they should return it
      Otherwise, it's unfair to me and other players.

      I list all combat API separately according to time.


      i lost 4B resource


      this is the biggest cr ,about 36B profit, i lost 64B fleets and 570M resource




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