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      So... the merge has happened (sort of).

      Now that it's (sort of) happened. I want to suggest a few feature changes:

      80% DF :check:
      0.5 Deut consumption :check:
      x20 Research :check:
      x7 Economy :check:


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    • There is such a thing as overkill...

      x7 eco is ok for me. I've had it in Kallisto and it was awesome.

      x20 Research is kind of a must have since research times are absurd after a certain point.

      80% DF would be cool to have.

      0.5 Deuterium consumption would be good for fleeters but only if (and this is a long shot) trade rates are capped at 3:2:1 (this would minimize pushing as well).
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    • Well hopefully my account gets here so ill chime in.

      There are unis with 8x eco thatd be badass but id be down for 7x eco as well

      80% df is cool but lets be realistic I think even going to 40% would be a tough pass as most unis merged are 30%

      0.5 deut consumption would be awesome but again lets be real again I think this would be a tough pass maybe try for .8 or .9

      Splitting the research and making it faster would be awesome, is this a possibility @piink ? if so anything faster has my vote and Im sure no one would oppose that

      What would people think about esp storage on?
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    • Regarding esp storage on, we asked and it wasn't possible before in Kallisto. Which personally I am happy with.

      Lets just look up 7x eco for now, realism.
      I'm sure if this comes about the supporters of this will do some networking ;)
    • 7x eco - yes

      0,5 deut consumption - yes

      everything else is just wishful thinking. they won't vote for it.

      faster research will reduce the insta-build revenue, so can't see them agreeing to that.

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    • 7x econ - YES
      80% DBF - Yes (Gonna have to have more RECs than LFs)
      20x research - Yes
      0.5x Deut has to have something for the Miners, a universe fixed trading rate of 3-2-1. (eliminates the Merch Warrriors also) Both of these voted together - YES.
      No to probe storage, this is a 1x fleet speed universe, attacking with probes it like standing inside a in a pinball machine.

      Happy hunting.

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    • i wouldn't pay 3:2:1

      i can get those kind of rates from the merchant, with none of the messing around that trading with players involves.

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    • @piink rather than the usual "Would you like the settings to change to xfleet, xeco..." i think a multiple choice layered poll would be more efficient. Different question for each setting that players are requesting. At the end the choice with most votes for each question will become the new server settings :D
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      Well... guess what? I'M BACK!
    • Here is my opinion.

      As for eco incrase,x7 is okay with me but think it is smarter to go for x6 but both is a yes.

      As for resarch incrase that is okay also yes.

      For the deut consumption I am up for it 0.5 but maybe also try 0.75 because of risking it to go through.

      As for 80% DF that is funny,you have unis like quantum and cygnus and some others so go play there,that is okay for fast unis,putting here 80% or anything above 40% ( maybeee 50% but dont believe in it ) is ridiculous as changes a lot of it for first the WF percent and makes everything too profitable and way faster because of that.
      So for that a big no no.
    • x6 or x7 Eco
      x1 Fleet speed
      40% df
      0.80 deut
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