Top 01 - [TOT: 246.418.190.000] Jossa [MUPPETS] & letssled [MUPPETS] & Arcane [MUPPETS] & kloshar [Defiance] & Xu Xin [MUPPETS] vs. Spartacus [Exiles] (A: 52.558.951.000, D: 193.859.239.000)

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    • Top 01 - [TOT: 246.418.190.000] Jossa [MUPPETS] & letssled [MUPPETS] & Arcane [MUPPETS] & kloshar [Defiance] & Xu Xin [MUPPETS] vs. Spartacus [Exiles] (A: 52.558.951.000, D: 193.859.239.000)

      Where to start! Welcome to Vega...

      The story is a roller coaster of emotions from hunger to needing a stress poo and offering to drive 3 hours to kill vice then hug him.We noticed day 1 of merger that Spartacus didn't fleetsave. We can hit the fleet easily but recs... Ahh the recs are the worst part. So we had to watch and hope night 2 was the same.

      Then day two happened. Day two was stressful, the kind of stressful you get when dealing with Balkan and Portuguese people all day... Spartacus moved about and launched at people and we didn't want to probe too much. It came to his bed time and we had only just found his fleet before it disappeared to what we assumed was a df fs. Off to the colony ships went timed for 00:00. this is when the fun started. We started watching the DF's and hoping we had chosen the right moon when Vice came back and said he couldn't send res with colo so we would have to send him res. then the time came and passed and the df didnt move... but wait - did G3 disappear... did it have a df at all?!?! then whilst we we all shouting loudly at all the furniture around us... G2 df disappeared and we didn't get an exact time. ARRRG. however, in the madness jossa recalled because we thought the fs was in g3.

      Now jossa needed res and deut sending to his colo. Arrrgh!

      Anyway we eventually got to the spot. Mooned up, and Spartacus has weird activity on his Homeworld. we assumed he had spotted us and was just waiting for us to launch then he would move the fleet... do we launch or do we wait for reset which was an hour away. Speaking of which, we hadn't actually checked at this point the fleet was even there. Klosh probed, and boom it was. congratulatory bear hugs all round. We made the decision to launch now, hitting before reset as we assumed he would get up at that fixed point.

      Jossa launches... Letssled joins, Arcane joins, kloshar joins a probe (more on this later) and vice... well the gerbil that powers vices laptop went on a union enforced break and took him 9 minutes to join the ACS. Many, many foul words were thrown in our whatsapp group. Kloshar offered to drive to vice's house and murder him, Jossa went full gypsy, letssled apologised angrily and i got so emotional I nearly wet myself with rage. Finally, after several slows, a sun lit day had passed and GF had fucked up someone else's day ... he joined. Kloshar gave up his fleet spot when activity was being problematic as he was not in system, and we wouldn't have gotten the hit if he didn't so big up Don Ante for stepping out, we are giving him an equal split of the profits still. He was very much integral to this hit as the four that flew.

      The flight itself was uneventful if you discount the fact all of us were shaking like epileptics at a light installation.

      As you can see below - we cleared around 95% of the DF, as we built around 1.5m recs on the night to cope with a near 8m rec df. Spartacus got the rest of the DF, and also congratulated us on the hit - we all wish him a massive FR. The gents themselves can do their dedications, but mine is just to all friends past, present and new.

      On 25-10-2018 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

      Attacker Jossa [MUPPETS]

      Small Cargo 200.000
      Light Fighter 6.000.000
      Cruiser 600.000
      Battleship 150.000
      Destroyer 300.001
      Battlecruiser 300.000

      Attacker letssled [MUPPETS]

      Small Cargo 102.000
      Light Fighter 1.073.071
      Cruiser 50.000
      Destroyer 10.000
      Battlecruiser 50.000
      Heavy Fighter 22
      Battleship 70

      Attacker Arcane [MUPPETS]

      Small Cargo 106.774
      Light Fighter 4.000.000
      Heavy Fighter 40.000
      Cruiser 699.941
      Battleship 125.110
      Destroyer 109.186
      Battlecruiser 179.786
      Bomber 5

      Attacker kloshar [Defiance]

      Espionage Probe 1

      Attacker Xu Xin [MUPPETS]

      Small Cargo 999.487
      Light Fighter 5.055.049
      Cruiser 731.774
      Battleship 270.168
      Destroyer 200.086
      Battlecruiser 255.227

      Defender Spartacus [Exiles]

      Small Cargo 1.015.591
      Large Cargo 17.585
      Light Fighter 10.082.541
      Heavy Fighter 10.000
      Cruiser 700.000
      Battleship 400.000
      Colony Ship 6
      Recycler 1.010.000
      Espionage Probe 936
      Bomber 1.000
      Destroyer 100.000
      Deathstar 3.101
      Battlecruiser 506.759

      After the battle ...

      Attacker Jossa [MUPPETS]

      Small Cargo 105.955 ( -94.045 )
      Light Fighter 3.173.540 ( -2.826.460 )
      Cruiser 515.141 ( -84.859 )
      Battleship 139.416 ( -10.584 )
      Destroyer 282.645 ( -17.356 )
      Battlecruiser 281.940 ( -18.060 )

      Attacker letssled [MUPPETS]

      Small Cargo 53.862 ( -48.138 )
      Light Fighter 565.879 ( -507.192 )
      Cruiser 42.612 ( -7.388 )
      Destroyer 9.411 ( -589 )
      Battlecruiser 46.910 ( -3.090 )
      Heavy Fighter 12 ( -10 )
      Battleship 64 ( -6 )

      Attacker Arcane [MUPPETS]

      Small Cargo 56.348 ( -50.426 )
      Light Fighter 2.116.800 ( -1.883.200 )
      Heavy Fighter 25.945 ( -14.055 )
      Cruiser 600.998 ( -98.943 )
      Battleship 116.274 ( -8.836 )
      Destroyer 102.818 ( -6.368 )
      Battlecruiser 169.079 ( -10.707 )
      Bomber 4 ( -1 )

      Attacker kloshar [Defiance]

      Espionage Probe 0 ( -1 )

      Attacker Xu Xin [MUPPETS]

      Small Cargo 528.411 ( -471.076 )
      Light Fighter 2.674.524 ( -2.380.525 )
      Cruiser 627.971 ( -103.803 )
      Battleship 251.137 ( -19.031 )
      Destroyer 188.433 ( -11.653 )
      Battlecruiser 239.837 ( -15.390 )

      Defender Spartacus [Exiles]


      The attacker has won the battle!
      The attacker captured:
      19.717.260 Metal, 5.098.945 Crystal and 244.368.465 Deuterium

      The attacker lost a total of 52.558.951.000 units.
      The defender lost a total of 193.859.239.000 units.
      At these space coordinates now float 102.698.316.700 metal and 57.561.467.600 crystal.
      The attacker captured a total of 269.184.670 units.

      The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

      Debris harvested by the attacker(s):
      5.800.960.000 Metal and 5.800.960.000 Crystal
      11.601.920.000 Metal and 0 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      359.010.000 Metal and 359.010.000 Crystal Metal and Crystal Metal and 0 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      6.585.631.400 Metal and 0 Crystal
      11.053.553.100 Metal and 8.946.666.900 Crystal Metal and Crystal
      10.025.570.000 Metal and 10.025.570.000 Crystal Metal and 0 Crystal

      Total debris harvested by the attacker(s):
      97.626.754.500 Metal and 57.132.316.900 Crystal

      Summary of profit/losses:

      Summary attackers(s)

      Metal: 62.236.735.760
      Crystal: 41.826.396.845
      Deuterium: -1.593.827.535
      The attacker(s) made a profit of 102.469.305.070 units.

      Summary defender(s)

      Metal: -111.321.862.260
      Crystal: -66.924.747.945
      Deuterium: -15.881.813.465
      The defender(s) lost a total of 194.128.423.670 units.

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      [Muppets] & [CLOSED]
      BIGGEST x2 hit in .org

    • disgusting numbers all arround and so soon after merge... i dont think anyone would have fortold this one

      great job attackers, i guess everyone will be on their toes the next couple of weeks at least :thumbsup:

      FR def huge blow for sure but someone that grows that huge ass fleet can certainly do it again :thumbup:
    • A nn1 so quickly into the merge. I saw these huge accounts joining Vega, and always thought Muppets would take them down because of all of there amazing teamwork and always staying on top because of that.

      Congratulations on the hit to everyone involved.

      Defender, I am glad to see you are sticking around. That is a rare sight these days.
    • O goody, this is what I love with the merge. Not too much friends or NAPs, like in the old days with 100 probes flying around in the universe.

      Nice showdown with them numbers. Good luck with the rebuilding of fleets @ all. Spend that deut! >__>
      Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.
    • congratulations Arcane and friends.

      always some big kills in the first few weeks of a merge, but this was quicker than most :thumbup:

      quite funny to see that you guys shout and holler at each other just as much as we do when flying :D

      FR rebuild spartacus


      TOP 1 (solo) x 2 (ACS) x 1

      TOP 10 (solo) x 3 (ACS) x 9
      Super Adv x 64
      Adv x 290
      Basic x 1711
      RIP KILLS 6518