War Declaration of (BTC/Bow To Chinese) vs.RO-EF (Romanian Elite Fighters) and Famiglia(La Famiglia )

  • War Declaration

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  • Well gee, like nobody saw this coming. Like nobody everrrr maaaan.

    Did you all jump in the same boat and get michael to row it to shore so you could sit around a camp fire roasting marshmallows and singing Kum By Yah together while eating your bowls of rice and prawn crackers then dream this up?

    Yeah I don't think so either. This was pre-planned even before the attack on Firstneko, who by the way is an account swapping whore who just got bummed back to where he belonged. :Vomit: Firstneko shouldn't have had that account and you all know it, so this "We're doing it for you, ADRIAAAANNNN!!!" bollocks won't wash I'm afraid. :thumbdown:

    Why not just tell the people the real intention behind you grouping together. Oh wait, Papaya (which by the way is a cheap brand of coat hangers or a disappointingly bad tasting fruit) already told me. The reason is..... Raul and Blondie must die. So for the sake of 2 people, you are declaring war, using 6 of the top 13 accounts to bash players that have never done anything wrong. Congrats guys. A real show of force there. :headbanging:
    Let's all bow to China shall we? :flexmuscles:
    Yeah, the only bowing I will do is pointing away while I fart in your general direction.

    Enjoy the war. 8o
    This is awesome. :D :crazy: :doofylook:

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  • Thank you but no.

    I am in a war with you for so long already. This would only remove bashing rule out. That being the only rule you must follow cause its so exact you cant find a way around it, I would like to keep it :shrug:

    So I leave Famiglia. You win the war. Congratz
  • So ye guys can see into the future eh? That s the only way this war could be for neko and Iris considering ye were grouping together before they were crushed.

    I am not having any part of this war, with all your little "friends" helping i am pretty sure the record for MDs coming at me in a night was close to 70. I have no intention seeing those numbers with out a bashing rule.

    You want a war, group ALL your accounts and then I will consider it.

    Found my old sig, credit go's to Delta ( not sure if he is even around still xD )
  • Some days ago you created this alliance of fleeters and let outside all your old allies,miners,turtles and poorly ranked players and now you want war whit a ally off miners??? you already cheat whit multi-account and i cant afford you to attack unlimited my friends. I will delete my alliance,its not their war.