[HNC] - vs- [Baby]

    • War Declaration

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    • [HNC] - vs- [Baby]

      Seeing we couldn't decide terms for the war with baby alliance,
      I here by declare a standard war against baby.
      No time or damage limitations until the moment Baby disbands.
      Wish you all the best of luck.

      • Baby.png

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    • C4azyD wrote:

      Babys dont build sats and kallisto cant do any damage, he knows only kill sats, noob pirate.... One q, can babys accept new members during war???
      they can accept but if they get involved in any hits those wont count towards the war.
      Display Spoiler
      Univ Japetus - On
      Hof's - 162
      Ninja's - 7
      Adv Solo - 69
      Adv Acs - 15
      Rip Kill - 1441
      To 10 Acs - 12
      Top 10 Solo - 8
      New Nr. 1 Hit Acs - 1
      New Nr. 1 Hit Solo - 1
      Univ Betelgeuse.org - On
      Hof's - 36
      Ninja - 6
      Adv Solo - 2
      Adv Acs - 1
      RipKill - 2087
      Top 10 Acs - 1
      Univ40 - Off
      Hof’s – 170
      Adv Solo – 21
      Adv Acs – 11
      Rip Kill – 270
      Top 10 Solo – 1
      Top 10 Acs - 6
      New Nr.1 Hits - 3

    • Artificiu wrote:

      it seems like a fair fight. you should get Grof into your alliance to get the job done and have absolutely no one contest you in this uni. Like that is not already happening
      Nothing isnt done until there is fleets outside of hnc, this is acs uni, they can easily fall down ("if some of them dont get bann for som e scripts they are using) we will see, i bealive in baby's , you should too art, if you know what i mean
    • this look like crazyD need war..so i like it..i think it fair ..HNC Vs Baby + VDT
      Uni 32- Rank Top 40 Retired
      Uni 35- Rank Top 11 Retired
      Uni 40- Rank Top 30 Retired
      Electra-Rank Top 5 Retired
      Vega-Rank Top 20 Retired
      Betelgeues-Rank Top10 Retired

      Cosmos- ON
    • Selene wrote:

      first war of the uni... this should be a fun one to watch...
      **grabs my popcorn and sits back to enjoy the show**

      Let the best alliance win..
      haha That's you Selene! I'm writing a brief history of this universe these days and you are part of my writing. In our cultural we say audiences with watermelon instead of popcorn! I will use your word as reference :P Hope you will enjoy it!
    • AwesomeLarry wrote:

      Soo where's the Story? what did baby do to make you declare?

      also terms of the war " when Baby disbands" so is there not a way for them to win
      Here is the whole story:

      The first month of the game 2 groups of planets were created close to each other. We colonized [4:235:X] and Lyca along with a band of HNC players colonized 10 systems away at [4:225:X]
      There were the expected standard scans for profit from everyone but nothing personal. But there was this one guy that would start an attack against us for poor profit. It was Pirate of Kallisto.
      It was easy for us to counter it once we were almost always online when he attacked us. We would fleetsave the last second and make him waste time and fuel. We learned quickly that this guy didn't know how to lose and we became an obsession to him. He started bothering us with attacks out of the ordinary, without profit, just to crash a few cargos to fulfill his ego. I was dangerous back then, with top50 military and top10 military destroyed, we had a conflict with Itadel & POR and we already had many successful hits and ninjas against them. The moon race began and the first who would build it would dominate the area. We made the moon first and one day Calamity's phalanx caught a large section of Kallisto's fleet returning from fleetsave. Why would a top player make such a clumsy visible fleetsave next to a moon with phalanx we wondered... We were about to realize that he was nothing more than big talk, full DM, amateur with a big fleet that he poorly managed. We asked ourselves, "if we hit a top player are we asking for it?" But ogame is a strategy game. And when you see an opportunity you MUST take it. We had the lanx, we had the fleet. We took the opportunity and decided it was payback time. We were about to learn what a rager Kallisto really is. We locked him, crashed him, and took 1/4 of his fleet at the time down. After that his obsession against us grew bigger and started bothering us each night by bashing small defenses or satts for no profit. He started attacking planets on other galaxies but still, we would parry his attacks and ninja him many times. In the end we increased our gains with all of those ninjas against him, he was feeding us small parts of his fleet and all we could do was imagine a rage little kid behind a monitor that wanted revenge. Then he unlocked his first death stars and started bashing us with them. He also made his 9th mobile planet in the same system we are because raiding from 10 systems away was apparently too much for him. He wanted to halve the flight time of the deathstars. But we would still parry his attacks and manage to defend ourselves.
      Here are some of the counter attacks we made against him:



      After all these he continued being a pain in the ass and never learned his lesson. This was off the fun limits. This was an obsession and started to interfere with our daily lives and it became personal. His goal was to hurt us. He managed to be a pain in the ass.
      So we finally decided that enough is enough. If he was going to be a pain in the ass for us, we would be a pain in the ass for him as well. And if he wanted us to lose our sleep, we would make him to lose his as well.
      So we prepared for a total attack, and when he slept we bashed EVERY ONE of his planets crashing over 3000 satts and IMP his defenses where we could making total damage of [11.196.000] points and gained profit of 2M metal 4M crystal. Next day we see this:


      He kept bashing us for over a month and couldnt harm us nor gain profit. We attacked him ONCE and its a war declaration. If Kallisto is not a true cry baby i don't know who is.

      So to summarize it up for you:
      The reason for the war declaration was that we kicked Kallisto's ego by fighting back and crashing his satts crippling his economy (400stats on each planet and solar plant lvl15)

      Hnc now show their true colors, and we are about to teach them a good lesson

      Pirate of Kallisto wrote:

      I care what i care...

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    • C4azyD wrote:

      PirateOfKallisto wrote:

      So, I think we might need moderator make it clear that whether we could bash C4azyD? Anyone know how to @ him here? Thank you!
      First stop using scripts for activity noobs, you see that dont help i farmex you and lyca anyway, even you had all time activity, fcking noobs cant play fair
      You know what? Babies actually help me keep acti. You simply cannot accept the truth. Always thinking others using script.
    • Kallisto you are a terrible liar. Just don't make a pathetic try to change our minds. I have valid proof of 2 whole weeks of you using scripts. The only day you didn't script was last Sunday. You cheated your way to the top and now you are trying to lie in our faces. No respect.

      Pirate of Kallisto wrote:

      I care what i care...