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    @Puck has been banned for more than two days now and he still doesn't even know why. It's a complete joke, over 48h for a banned account enquiry, for a paying customer? First the :censored: up of getting his account to U1 and now a ban for no reason and over two days even for an explanation. GF is a joke these days, are they all getting high with the money and coming up with thick ideas like a dumb lobby to make it look like the game is being improved? Also why the hell did they ever get rid of the pillory? You get banned, everyone else in the uni can see what you have been up to and the guy who was banned can instantly recognise why and also when he is able to return. Why is it a big secret?

    OGame is going down the toilet :rofl: Will happily take a forum ban for saying so. Heap of steaming pig :censored: .

    Warned- Andvari300

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