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    • Account delete email

      I got an email that said my account was about to be deleted due to inactivity. No a big deal, I logged in but when I went to my account I saw that I have purchased DM on it still.

      3 questions come to mind

      Is there a minimum of dm needed before an account deletes these days?

      Was this message a mistake?

      Does bought dm no longer prevent you from your account deleting?

      I figured I would post this here incase there is a bug. Ss attached.
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    • There has nothing been changed with the account deletion itself, so no your accounts shouldn't get deleted if they haven't been deleted before. These messages are just a "new" gamefeature introduced 2 months back but which was broken due to a bug in the mailsystem until recently. You probably remember these 3 mails in different languages you recieved? When those came the mailsystem got fixed.

      NoMoreAngel wrote:

      Dear Users,

      on Wednesday, 26th of September at 10:00 CEST we will have a Game Update to version 6.7.4. The other communitys will follow at 13:00 CEST.
      Keep in mind that due to the Lobbyupdate you might not be able to log in again directly after the gameupdate happens and that an attackblock is active for the Lobbyupdate.
      26.09. Lobby Update/Downtime + Attack Block


      [Bugfix] The system sends now a mail 5 days before deleting an inactive account.

      Your Team

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    • they deleted my uni 1 2 weeks after the merge was done and that had 250k dm i got no coupon no refund so i don't think there is any minimum. When i opened a ticket the response was it was deleted to merge my taurus account, yet that already happened. @Blankie do you guys actually look into issues or just hand out generic responses? Because if anyone actually looked into it then they either don't care or are clueless. Twice I've wanted to buy DM in uni 1 and now twice i have refused till this is resolved.
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    • I got the deletion email for my Uriel account that has 180k DM on it, purchased before the merge.

      Should we log tickets so any underlying issue gets investigated, or assume it’s a feature and log into the accounts once a month so they don’t get deleted?
    • I also received the 'delete' email for both my vega (my unity account merged there) and my uriel accounts (already existing in uriel) - both v-moded with paid dark matter.

      And received email for my Rigel account which was forced merged to quantum where I already had account as well. The Rigel account was hopefully at some point going to be able to be passed on to someone wishing to play it when the trade/lobby issues were resolved. My concern now is since the email did not indicate player name but only the uni how can I be sure which account they're threatening with deletion regarding Quantum?

      Thanks Viper for the signature & avatar!