Ban question, not sure why it happannnnn?

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    • Ban question, not sure why it happannnnn?

      I sent resources less than 50k metal to a very high ranked player accidentally while fleetsaving (i meant to send to an inactive planet but only had a minute or so till my planet was destroyed by deathstars, thanks lol). I put in a ticket immediately to ogame staff informing them i accidentally 'pushed a player'. I am banned a day later (says permanently on the ticket, but not sure what to do, because they said they do not undo permanent bans, and not sure where go to go but here and post this for advice, please advise where to g0 or what to do to fix this.

      Long version
      Hi my name is elliott. I have been ban for pushing, even though the resources were sent back. I feel administrative staff did not do there job, and would like that noted for the record, i am a rank 480 player, and sending less than 50k metal to a rank 20 player who has 370,000,000 million on several planets shouldn't be considered 'pushing offense'. Thank you.

      Yesterday 8:00 AM (east coast time USA) "500 death stars approaching from xxx player from 1:72:13 are heading towards you"
      I send my 15 cargos of 50k metal deuterium and crystal to attack another player in my galaxy (2 minute estimation, i am a rank 353 player) so i can fleet save (i was advised fleet saving was good option by rank 2 players)

      9:00 AM "wtf idiot you transported stuff and are trying to get me banned!!, i am reporting you!)

      9:02 AM (east coast time) Elliott: "hey sorry xxxxxxxxx [players name deleted for safety privacy] i meant to recall that fleet because you are a rank 100 player and your defense would kill 20 small cargos. I am sorry about this please send it back... it was only a 3 minute flying time to your planet which is in the same galaxy. I would greatly appreciate it if you return it, i will contact the GM staff and let them know that i accidentally did this, and will make sure we don't get in trouble".

      9:09 AM (east coast time) Elliott "dear administrator xxxxxx [name deleted for safety privacy concerns] i accidentlaly transported 50k deuterium to a rank 25 player. He began swearing profusely and said 'YOU ARE TRYING TO PUSH ME,, I WILL REPORT YOU AND YOU WILL GET BANNED!!". I told him sorry and to send it back. He sent it back, so there is no pushing."

      7:30 AM TODAY "your account is banned, please put in a ticket"

      This seems odd, becaues i did put in a ticket to a the ogame staff in my galaxy immediately after incident. Not sure why i am banned, because he did send the resources back.
    • ok my problem(in that area is that upon opening the 'ticket browsing' area, my email is considered not trustable.tre

      irc does not work i have an outdated comput seer

      i still don't see why i would be banned after informing admins that i had accidentallysent resources to someone

      Due to security reasons we cannot confirm whether we know this email address or not.
      Please simply check your inbox for our email and confirm the process by clicking the link in the email.
      Thank you.


      so what am i supposed to do? download irc?

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    • also i have to make a new reply, since 'edit function' only allows you to edit the subtitle of the forum post....

      no one is active on mirc.. i've been on the channels for several days now.

      is there a way you can contact a """"GO"""" admin or whatever crap kind of excuse that is for 'support' for a game i paid too much for already, to unban me, since the guy sent me the minerals back?

      or you want me to sit in a chatroom with 2 active players from universe 1 again.. for 16 hours before i get a response of 'no one responds here idiot'
    • xx08.12.2018 13:24:52
      hey dude i take this as a personal grievance, you banned my friend for sending you 20k resources after he asked that you send them back right?
      xxx 08.12.2018 13:25:52
      seems kind of ridiculous because you can clearly put in a ticket and he couldn't
      xxx 08.12.2018 13:26:16
      he told me, that his email is 'unverifiable' to ogame ticket website... so enjoy your day or whatever.
      Fluffy 08.12.2018 15:58:49
      he doenst play by the rules so :)
      xxx 08.12.2018 20:01:33
      oh so your just a dick head... weird. he did say he meant to send it to an inactive planet but oh well.
      Fluffy 08.12.2018 20:26:26
      Get lostx

      what kind of bull shit is this? you just let little fuck heads do this in here? i thought i paid you guys money for SOME kind of service?