"Pushing Ban" Rules need to be outdated or renewed

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    • "Pushing Ban" Rules need to be outdated or renewed

      Seems weird. I've played this game for 10 years and i know the rules however....

      You can get banned for sending 5 metal and 3 deuterium toa rank 1 player and it is considered pushing. [[((on a side note, receieving 'threats' from high ranking players because you meant to fleet save to an inactive planet, but hit theres instead, didn't fleet recall because a disconnect issue because of the bandwidth being used, seems absurd. Having actually recieved several of these it gets really weird being banned by a rank 40 player in a large universe because i sent resources to the wrong planet, messaged the guy and asked to get them back.]]))

      Seems really really weird to get a ban for that, but i'll explain and give an example of a recent ban i got if anyone wants more info, go ahead and post.

      Also, feel free to ad advice on what should be improved with the pushing rule.

      Personally, on a side note, it seems like it's ridiculous to even trade with people because of how many times you end up doing a full fleet recall because someone did not send resources, or they are delivered, they believe it is a different amount than what they wanted etc etc. That seems to be a general concern.

      Feel free to add your own opinions on other antiquated rules as well.
    • It seems you have been very unlucky.

      Did you contact the GO after you sent the ress to the wrong planet?
      If you did, then i dont understand your ban but if you didnt notify the GO, then its kinda your own fault for not doing so.

      Regarding fleet recall, then in all my years of ogame i have only seen this happened once, so i dunno if i have been lucky not to encounter that more or that you have been unlucky and see it so many times apparently.

      I see some issues with the push rules but sadly, i cant think of any fix.